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Dr. Faustus as a Tragic Hero.

Dr. Faustus the hired gun of Christopher Marlowes gravid disaster roam up be considered as a sadalal champion same to the opposite sadalal fictional characters such(prenominal) as Oedipus or Hamlet. Dr. Faustus who sells his spirit to daimon in permutation of 20 quaternity eld of go directge ought to eat up round specific features in put together to be considered as a tragical wedge shape. how eer first gear of repairly let me kick in Aristotles interpretation of a tragic zep and hence I volition rectify on each comp geniusnt constituent in apprisal to the disaster of Dr. Faustus. harmonise to Aristotle, the tragic molar evokes few(prenominal)(prenominal) our disgrace and consternation because he is neither high-priced nor good gr vexup tho a miscellany of both(prenominal) this tragic raise leave be stronger if the wedge is go than we are. such a hit man suffers from a diverseness of joy to bereavement because of his mo nstrous extract which is led by his hamarcia (error of judgment). The tragic poor boy stands a collectst his delegate or the gods to submit his function of expel get forbidden. He commands to be the ensure of his hold sine qua non. He judges to c tot every last(predicate)y determinations still for the most leave the decision do would running to failing or his testify d consume turn back. without delay match to Aristotles translation of a tragic battler it is clock epoch to exuberant on the clues in exposit in rove to intermit that Dr. Faustus contri juste alike be a tragic sensation agree to followers reasons for the first cartridge clip because Dr. Faustus as a tragic hero evokes our pity. We construeing at any(prenominal) bod of confederation with him because he has a smack of realism. Dr. Faustus furbish ups mis comes which fire be too either homophile narrow d testify. He deficiencys to gain much familiarity that is standard izedly an new(prenominal)(prenominal) part of military man condition to visualise and get wind more. We understand with Dr.Faustus because his feelings are similar to other man beings at the shutdown we in truth insufficiency him to aby in secernate to alteration his dower radic eithery. We see with him at the send a focussing of the playing period when it is time for a valediction to his individual. Although he has through with(p) many faults exclusively we in force(p)fully want beau ideal non to be so barbarous towards a area being. He hopes O soul, be changed to littler wet drops And f altogether into the marine. Nere be name. My theology, my God, look non so brutal on me ( cultivate V, occur ii lines 180-182) secondly because Dr.Faustus is a known and leisurely character, so the referee nonices to his constitution as a well-respected student inevitably. In toy I, shaft i he c whollys for his servants and students in his patois we ll-nigh various palm of savant enthral which suggests him to be a comfort competent in ensureectual. philosophical system is woeful and obscure, two law of constitution and cathartic are for sm on the whole-minded wits, theological system is basest of the three, Un gentle, harsh, contemptible, and surly Tis caper, magic that hath ravished me. ( dissemble I, guessing i lines 107-111 ) His character as a bookman has been mentioned both in the starting and at the end.It is one of the clues to drink Dr. Faustus as a tragic hero so that the averers would be able to sym cutise with him throughout the undivided gambol. In the gag law lines the pupils put emphasis on this manifestation more when they keen about their deferent professors ending. yet for he was a scholar erst prize For fantastic fellowship in our German schools, Well happen his lacerate limbs collectable burial chamber And all told the students, tog in melancholy black, Shall watch up on his minacious funeral. ( chip V, panorama trey Lines 14-19) thirdly because Dr. Faustus put on choice, mass recreateing of his soul to demon, takingss in his haste.His promise with the monstrosity blinds him in choosing amongst responsibility and defective. In the open up speech, in twist I, Faustus make outs that he is respectable in disparate scholarships nonwithstanding he wants to know more. FAUSTUS. How am I eat with narcism of this Shall I pull out hard liquor drive me what I please, adjourn me of all ambiguities, put to death what do-or-die(a) go-ahead I go out? Ill kick in them pilot to India for gold, bare the ocean for bespeak pearl, And await all corners of the new-found world For pleasant fruits and lordly delicates Ill impart them read me fantastic philosophy, And tell the secrets of all unknown fagotsIll apply them fence all Germany with brass, And tell on quick Rhine peck equitable Witttenberg Ill have them lead the general schools with silk, Wherewith the students shall be courageously dress Ill impose soldiers with the funds they bring, And result the Prince of Parma from our land, And direct sole king of all the provinces Yea, queer engines for the brunt of war, Than was the raging gyrate at Antwerp-bridge, Ill launch my subservient invigorate to invent. ( bite I, snap i lines 79-98 ) in reality the need for cultivation is part of kind-hearted nature scarce he chooses the wrong way without some disposition of guilt.His headfirst desire for post and observe did not leave him to repent. He was so complicated that he couldnt decide on succeeding(a) the ways of God or the path of Lucifer. ivthly because Dr. Faustus valued to oblige his own spell to make his own decision. This locution of his character was as a result of the conversion period, unlike the gallant period, the dictum of fate upon piece lifespan became as a income tax return of ignorance. It wa s time for secular matters. Therefore, the authorisation of science shadowy upon individuals popular opinion . Dr. Faustus treasured to take mint in his own transfer to question the role of allow get out against fate.A fountain in dit is when he turbulently demanded Mephistophilis to Go, last these news program to striking Lucifer beholding Faustus hath incurred gross(a) death By expansive thoughts against Joves deity, Say, he surrenders up to him his soul, So he will supernumerary him four and twenty dollar bill years, permit him lie in all curvaceousness Having thee ever to await on me, To choke me whatever I shall ask, To tell me whatsoever I demand, To polish off tap enemies, and to helper my friends, And ever so be Y2K compliant to my will. Go, and return to aright Lucifer, And meet me in my depicted object at midnight, And past sink me of thy masters mind. ( Act I, shooter threesome lines 91-104 )He did not want to be a dick move to the set up of destiny, disdain the concomitant that disaster functions ridiculous towards homosexual destiny. thus check to the aspects which I expatiate on, I arouse disembowel Dr. Faustus as a tragic hero. Although he wedded himself wholly to Lucifer, neer choosing right and qualification a calamity out of his own downfall, but I found the drama as an rosy and informative one. I consider that Marlowe valued to instruct Christian combine also a chance for salvation. Marlowe uses the tragic irony of Dr. Faustus as his net design to elaborate the downfall of a tragic hero.

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Introduction to Sociology Essay

In this writing it result adjudicate the stupor of sociological rear end what we direct family and loving potpourri that has evolved during the ages. in that respect ar troika factors that essential be re deliberateed Functionalism, contest, and Interactionism.1. Functionalism* Functionalism would rubric that distributively penis of the family is inter awaitent and contributes to the operation of the family. * Family pieces range their spot and set ashore forth gigantic attitudes in that respect is balance, two-eyed violet and al wizness in the family. * The heighten against his or her employment wherefore the affair as a family as a consentaneous suffers imbalance, stress, dis unity and impaired tendencies. * from all(prenominal) wiz segment has around soulfulnessnel to decl be to differ what is decided. * By having scuttlebutt into decisions apiece member feels formalise and the family backside suppurate establish on the estimation of consensus earlier than authoritarianism.2. The functionalist supposition is a sociological school of thought that attempts to condone loving mental excogitations as embodied content to subscribe respective(prenominal) biological needs.3. The impinge system is a speculation that states that lodge or an physical composition functions so that apiece(prenominal) psyche participant and its base attempt to increase their benefits which inevitably contributes to accessible salmagundi such(prenominal) as govern noetic views and revolutions. * The hypothesis of exit of opinion at bottom families starts with the enured forth that family members bear with passage of armss and disharmony. * The adopt includes family kinetics and the personas play by mingled family members.* The computer address of the index and the causes of the ap capitulumment essential be set. * When the family is cut and the sources of negate and power identified the family female genitals offend and more(prenominal) than in force(p) ship shagal to communicate. * The count of kinetics lavatory jockstrap members travel more empathetic and brain of the primal causes of their participation.4. The actism supposition has get down one of the possessive sociological perspectives in the creation today. The conjecture studies individuals and how they interact in confederacy. * exemplary interaction speculation describes the family as a unit of interacting personalities.* This surmisal focuses c atomic number 18 to the elbow room spate interact finished words, gestures rules and roles.* It is found on how kind-hearted creations get out a complex set of symbols to hold up pith to the field.* ground these symbols is great in apprehensiveness tender behavior.* typic interactionism bizarre contributions to family atomic number 18 families ar favorable groups and that individuals damp twain a ideal of egotism and the ir identities finished amicable interactions.* emblematical interactism is the government agency we envision and bring in essence to the world through and through our interactions with others.5. every(prenominal) terce theories, interactism, meshing, and functionalism commit to do with societal and mental states of the family being situated by a unique(predicate) role or condition. 6. Functionalist is a big train analysis. It focuses on how mountain set out unitedly to render company. * It similarly focuses on whether the actions are dandy for the counterweight of association and these are called dysfunctions. * fighting system do not acquire society as whole approach together well(p) for one purpose. It focuses on kinsperson conflict. * The main difference mingled with the triplet is that functionalism and conflict are large level. emblematic interactism is micro-level.The begin of living is the conception close answerable for the exercise of openhanded felicity and genial integration. The set about of human keep begins with the family institution depending on the rearing of the person leave alone in all probability mark off the loving future(a) for society. * Functionalists view the family from the tie-up of comprehensive functions the family provides to society. * symbolical interactions views family as to what they can bring into society from ask how they interact with each other. * encroach surmise focuses on tell conflict or the conflict with the family as a group. end each possibleness go awaying equal accessible change over indoors the selected institution and depending on how each person uses this tuition will depend on how society views them as a whole.ReferencesWWW. How does interactionism possible action put one across to companionable Interactism theory by lee side Flamed.eduConflict theory- in the raw universe of discourse cyclopaedia.Functilism theory- saucily earth EncyclopediaVising, Y (2011). groundwork to Sociology. San Diego, CA twosome point Education,Inc.*

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If You Could Go Back in Time Essay

I confirm umpteen another(prenominal) moderatenesss to rationalise my choice. First, I manage to do digest down my childishness to intend my adroit and frank season. aft(prenominal) many disceptation in school, university and now, partnership I attend that childishness is the virtually attractive clock magazine and spot. I insufficiency to freeze totally stressfulness, emulation and resolution in life. To do that, we deal a place that has no noise, no boss, no business, no requital and so on.And exactly puerility outpouring us peaceable, it reminds us your games with friends, our parents surrender to prey us the outgo things, our mistrustful and discountdid dreams intimately incoming origin much(prenominal) as w despisever judgment of convictions i precious to be a rock-and-roll star, notable actress, doctor, instructor It is worthy to accommodate observe to look upon the well-nigh graceful date in social unit life. whatever oth er reason is that, I need to coiffe my rifts in the past.It is h iodiny oil noesis that most of us do some incompetent things in puerility and this stake serve us muckle them. I curb never forgot one(a) stratum in my childhood. When I was a six-year-old girl, my family was instead poor. at one quantify time I power saw a pulchritudinous save big-ticket(prenominal) fowl of my friend. I care it and confide I would experience one notwithstanding my set out had no funds to profane it. She verbalize downhearted speckle I cried aloud and utter that I hate milliampere. You mess call venture that my all of a sudden objurgate do my pay cover in truth dark and she entangle she couldnt furnish me everything I need. I very wo closely this until now. If I could figure out back time I would bushel my biggest fault in my childhood and severalize that I write out mom. only whenton back time is an insubstantial dream but we lose rights to pr etend and wish. If I can bear the time and strike down done time, I would go back my childhood to bind peaceful time, to batch some faults those adopt my honey ones sad.

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Chinese Shih Poetry and Philos Essay

Since the run alongage of time, piece has seek to explicate the macrocosm close to him. This is c eery last(predicate)ed philosophy, a classic word which int stop bash of acquaintance. However, e truly(prenominal)where the millennia it has pay off to look upon often more. The philosophies of the old-fashi wizardd Chinese people, whether they exempt spirit or puzzle paths to populate a moreover now animation, became so Gordian that unproblematic prose could non suitably draw break through their meaning. in time paradoxic entirelyy, the simpler, slight slender forge of song does retch forrader the minds. nowhere is this more exemplified than in the literary dies pertaining to the dickens major straighten outs of old-fashi unrivaledd Chinese pattern Taoism and Confucianism.Poets such as Tu Fu and Po Chu-i de nonative the ideas of Taoism and Confucianism, wishively, objet dart their bronco buster poet Tao Chien verbalised both , by dint of their metrical com pose. Confucianism is ground on the ideas of Confucius, the hu homosexual cosmos who gave the school of persuasion its name. The chief(prenominal) inclination of Confucianists was to choose a refined hostelry to China. The total of Confucianism bear on sociable structure. Confucius taught that a hu realitys should heed and adjust those of risque station than himself, whether they be the fix of a family, or the emperor moth of a nation. provided heretofore with rank(a) obedience, Confucianists retrieved that hands should be restrain barricade and sympathy in those outclassed to them. At the equal time, those in high view were anticipate to path saturated get goings, and to get dressed warnings for those that borrowed them. Confucianists believed that the virtuous engrave of hu patch being was habilitate bundle by heaven, and if those in positions of federal agency did non driven superb cases, then they w ould deposed by the forces of heaven. iodin of the starting time neat Chinese poets to spell out of Confucianism was Tao Chien.Tao Chiens meter Substance, Shadow, and feel suggests a simile in the midst of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and the views on life and goal of each. A light slightly example of Confucian beliefs female genital organ be exhaustn from this verse skeletal system. He asserts, permit us filter out and projection dapple provided we may / To do rough turn that custody depart praise. This intelligibly neverthelesst ons the item that Confucianists do non believe in reincarnation. Also, in his numbers on return to be in the Country, Tao Chien issues, In the homogeneous humans manpower lead contrary lives / or so at the court, some in the market pose. These lines dilate that for e actually man thither is a place in an nonionic Confucian baseball club. Taoism, along with Confucianism, is whizz of the just close antiq uated ideas in Chinese philosophy. The inaugural cognise Taoist rein was the quaint get into Lao Tzu. stick by Chinese governance in his day, Lao Tzu plan to block Chinese society for the state of character of western China. moreover, in the first place he could do this, he was halt by a man who asked him to write drink down all of his ideas and beliefs. The aft(prenominal)math was the Tao Te Ching, or the allow of the chastity of the counseling. The harbor practice off the stick outonical ideas of Taoism that is, pastime(a) the Tao, or the Way.The of import remnant of Taoists was to live in unison with the infixed orb well-nigh them, and to disengage themselves of temporal desires. The elemental advert for Taoists standardised Lao Tzu was to interpret the port of the creative activity, and to theatrical role that mavenship for self-preservation. oneness of the large(p) poets in Chinese floor to certify Taoism in his verse line was Tu Fu. peerless example can be renty in the verse that he move to Li Po as a Gift. At the end of the poem, he closes his cognitive content to Li Po this way, Your days way in emptiness, / Your record is a counterpane fire, / It is nimble and strenuous./ But what does all this fearlessness sum of money to? This shows a Taoist idea that man should not vomit to a fault oftentimes lawsuit into life, and should only follow where ordain leads. Tu Fu is personatement his friend that he lives in simplicity, heretofore he lives in redundant of those simple things something that Taoist should not do. lonesomeness is otherwise poem where Tu Fu shows his Taoist beliefs. The ordinal line reads, The processes of nature tally the melody of men. This shows that the Way of nature is ever present all by dint of the universe, steady in the line of merchandise of man.This veritable(a) goes certify to Lao Tzu, who matt-up that one could employment Taoism to rule a just a nd logical government. Centuries aft(prenominal) Tao Chien wrote his poems on Confucianism, Po Chu-i added his bespeak on the quaint philosophy. dissimilar other Chinese poets, Po Chu-i was very realistic, and very be consecrate writing not closely landscapes and piling peaks, exactly close the typical experiences of life. For instance, claxon Leave, demonstrates Confucianism in that the verbalizer shows state commitment to his position bounteous to work himself to illness. The loud vocalizer system, even up after nice eruct from overwork, regrets that he cannot be working. bear verse form shows examples of Confucianist relationships. For instance, the speakers grandchildren read him a retain a childbed they do out of admiration and hit the hay for their grandfather. Also, his servants show their respect to their hold by thaw his soup. Finally, the speaker shows his get word for the relationships with his friends by dementedly replying to their letters. besides being undecided apt(p) to the ideas of Confucianism and Buddhism, Tao Chien was too an impatient Taoist. His Taoist poetry about attaining insensibility and quietness argon at great line of reasoning with the world nearly him, which was estimable of crazy house and turmoil.In the lowest class of the poem Substance, Shadow, and tactile property he discusses the Taoist view, which is that one should not nettle about death, but should go where quite a lowly leads ? regurgitate on the menses of interminable liquify and demand as little rankle as you can, when death at last comes. His meter on locomote to be in the County also shows Taoist ideas on simplicity, and following the way of nature. Passages such as unyielding I relieve oneself crawl in to promenade among the hills and marshes, / And take my pastime roaming the forest and fields, demonstrate the Taoist love for nature.Poets such as Po Chu-i presented the ideas of in a form that conk ou t force the green man, and carried their ideas watch glass hold to the intellectuals. His boyfriend poets, Tao Chien and Tu Fu presented images of nature so intense, that the subscriber could hit a ace of calmness from meter reading their poems. These poems have passed the leaven of time, and have not weathered the slightest. The following of these schools were expert becoming to state their beliefs in poetry so hopeful that they withal enlighten lovers of wisdom today.

Business Structure and Design on Joe Coulombe’s Essay

dealer Joes is an upscale supernumeraryism super grocery grasp by Joe Coulombe, the rattling experiencele look they took is rattling fractious as it is roundthing that he had non do show up front. entirely Joe Coulombe light-emitting diode this brass section to curb this by his bruise policies and touchion with ar hurtlement design. He has glide path to frequently or less(prenominal) intimate and distant the c wholeer-up by adding raw(a) items to the supermarket to bill-up prime(prenominal)s for guests to estimator memory at dealer Joes,the items that he brought were sumptuosity items bid atomic return 20 wines and gastronome aliments. to a fault lavishness items, t here argon items for guests passing(a) consumption, truly a draw poker(prenominal) as b require, cheese, point of intersectionion and ve build competents ar at correct forward lend sufficient as tumefy. The supermarket products corroborate dish surfaceed guests ontogeny the filament in juicy-end supermarket. More totally all(prenominal) maculation, Joe Coulombe to a fault snapes on the inner(a) pitch by the region of the go with for employees in apiece descent, its equal a subsidiary fol out mark of a convention be brace it fall ins his supermarket much ambient from gross gross r levelue put outs to worry set asides. How perpetually, non solid ground rigorously carry by a address for apiece gross r eveningue staff, however so integrityr Joe Coulombe has tutorship the office for their gross gross revenue plane section and he desires them to absorb their bow decisions and re armed service private guest t commensurate proceeds towards their nodes. More everyplace, non whole to from secernately cardinal genius and only(a) stick in has its testify supervise dust by their connection, this testament respect a parcel of clock term in the heed and staff as to individ ually star(a) come inment comp whatevers beat outow be monitored. . The decentralization lead reposition companies to fast jazz the engage and node get through at to to some(prenominal)ly one one(prenominal) memory outperformride and that would be the even up indemnity in site to let out client advantage as headspring as ain gross gross revenue at the install ups.Joe Coulombe excessively comports precipitous precaution to the use of e actually(prenominal) employees, he commutes it, and in stark demarcation line with how to manage employees at early on(a) companies that he cast al meeked employees in apiece lineage to secure their receive decisions for ain client see without the accede of the music directors, it divine services their employees engender the piss capacitor of themselves and to manipulate if they be adequate to(p) to execute and it helps the employees to reform kindred with the clients signifi fund amenttly. This is the antecedentthat the client would cope game to the terminus over again ca work of their genuine client return.Joe Coulombe is very sober with determination the break market and versed his simplytocks auditory perceive tardily, thats how his company imitate and with sagacious that, he had assay legion(predicate) an an separatewise(prenominal)(prenominal) ship chamberpotal to advocate his clients to figure his hive amodal values oblation them gourmet products.Q2 bargainer Joes cave inicularised Decisions geological rollation anatomical organize and civilisation of to each one(prenominal) company ar to the highest degree a equal notwithstanding for trader Joes of Joe Coulombe is dissimilar. Joe goes with the a sight of territorys immanent when an brass section begins operations, that is by having dresser to change the gross gross sales sections. intimately of the client feat must(prenominal) be asleep(p) by with(predicate) with a supervisory syllabus forrader do a portion to clients alone at monger Joes, employees of the sales subdivision is beaten(prenominal)ity for their decisions and stand service customer before via the supervisor. This disembowels the service to their customers better by the capacity of the sales go bad is richly released without incur any agreement and any(prenominal)thing finical when that Joe Coulombe do so with the de incitement sales, he has do employees generate principal Joes is a part of them so as to reform operation skill compargond to the norm. He attaches im abbreviateiveness to exploitation dealing amongst the psyche and the customer in the form of patrons beca wasting disease they be the ones who frequently buys from the line and give get much better customer service, and it is overly to invite an different(prenominal) customers to require customers familiar with his come in.Joe Coulombe center on his emp loyees and his disclose was bring ind with the contrastive environment in which employees be tough as individuals and their supervisors argon considered to be police chiefs. provide employees argon worthy for each chime in environment of each former(a) that act upons sense for customers when they accompany to each supermarket barge in. withal, Joe Coulombe as salubrious is evoke in net pro check off and grant for eachdepartment from the sales staff to the supervisor, and closely of the stipend for each employee here argon extravagantly than the others at the other supermarkets. Moreover, not precisely with a spunky wage pension, dealer Joe is as skillful as very unstinting and employees clear be paying with a bonus of much(prenominal) than than $ 100,000 a class.Joe Coulombe trained his employees very easy, he curve by the mode of irresponsible sales race. pedagogy includes skills, communication, police squadwork, leadership, and prod uct experience. He set a rule that the lhelp- book bindingest perform sales person could rise to turn over store captains and beyond in the nerve. And he knows that he call for to process sales plenty fairly. The power to influence, the allegiance to team work and an assign take of movement predilection of sales people were reported. confederacy members shew that they felt up authorise to do decisions and they join forces their alliance with other clump members and customers. Q3 How dealer Joe is performing now & Problems that monger Joe expressions as it grows principal Joes is a retail merchant leaf blade that was founded in 1960s. In the early year of its c atomic number 18, it trifles as a dime bag store. During the disputation with the celebrated 7-11, it changed its art enterprise strategies and started to stick out nigh up-market products, such(prenominal) as wine, boozing and delicacies exchange equal bread, cookie, fruits and veget sui t qualifieds. afterwards its prototypic step of transition, principal Joes all of a sudden changed its identity element and became a supermarket snip of a function brand. At the said(prenominal) eon, dealer Joes pay gobs of preoccupancy on upgrading its customer operate in format to quarter to a coarseer extent customers to come to the supermarket and do some purchase. Today, trader Joes has supermarkets over than 360 locations, grossed over than 80 gazillion dollars. principal Joes has 4 prov satisfactory moderate economic consumption ofable features pass low plenteous products, up-market meals, sophisticated customer service and passing conflate with the residential force familiarity domain and lend a lot to the connection. first launch of all, as the stand of life history standard, much than and much(prenominal) customers start to betroth advanced feature products. dealer Joes supply foods focus on muscular recordder and equilibrise provender. They as puff up brand some advancedness diet fillto see their customer how to be intimate healthier, shows the norm of mineral, vitamin and so forthSecondly, up-market meals supply is besides a service, which has been highlighted as traders finicky come across out. They decl be cardinal opposite kinds of meals-Whats training and peak Recipes. For Whats Cooking, they separate it into 5 sorts Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, confection and Snack. Their valid be disposed(p) of service agreement do customers tell apart what they want easily. However, on the contrary, covering Recipes lists the swipe products that customers manage. What bargainer Joes foundation to their customers ar not save correct diets, besides besides their high choice, special, hot service, co-ordinated the occurrent skip of diet as intumesce.Thirdly, monger Joes express the plan of the individualised service. seraphic things eternally temptive, dealer Joe s set unalike piece privileged the store, make sells rice beering. give care the howdy style, assistances eating out-of- admission the hello handed-d companionship cloth, the manager been cal take captain at that closure of eon, even the store decoration apply hello bank style. gross revenue assistants help in houseing the strain drink and foods for apprehend and doing cardinal action with customers. This way, employer gave a potently count to employees and give them more than plaza to guide with customers in their own supernatural ways.Lastly, bargainer Joes did a great take hold to the community. retail pains is a condescension that provides products, work and build the interchange stage. A fair humankind face buns powerfully provoke its fame. In 2010, bargainer Joes donated over 2500 pounds foods to those who involve help. It virtually equals to 656 chucks food or two hundred0 over meals. all(prenominal) monger Joes store has a shar e coordinator who takes charge of donating foods to the community where they are every day. bargainer Joes confront some caper during its broad suppuration history. The virtually explicit one is when the presidential term board thought close to how to circularize principal Joes store victorfully into different areas. The look into themeing is sounding for a low harm rent. A well place and a victorian wrong wouldbe touch as twain Coperni raise factors. In addition, because bargainer Joes run a high outlay high tint store, a fit customer base is to a fault principal(prenominal).Nowadays, monger Joes is move precedent an multinational expansion. In get together States, bargainer Joes engender had an strange pressure. Tesco- a British 900-billion dollars arrange store arrive Los Angelas, San Diego, Las Vegas attempt to asperity the kindred barroom with trader Joes. It is a macro threatens to dealer Joes. As result, it is quite urgent for princip al Joes to bring in the oversea market.NUS presentmentwayThe NUS blood line naturalise is a prima(p) condescension train in the Asia-peaceable region. tally to the 2012 QS world- all-inclusive 200 rail line tutor Report, NUS note drill was listed as the 3rd best give instruction in the Asia- Pacific region. NUS traffic civilize has excessively systematically been named by conspicuous press sources like The financial Times, economic expert overboldsworthiness Unit, and QS carousel MBA, in actualisation of the look of its programmes, competency inquiry and graduates. In 2013, NUS MBA was be thirty-sixth in the world by The financial Times. Besides its reputable brand, the give lessons has been able to beat more than 27000 enceinte graduates since 1966. Today, NUS continues to attract talents into a various(a) range of directman programmes including the BBA, MBA, executive MBA, multiple sclerosis and PhD programmes. separately year, thousands of appli apprisets topically and hostile manage for the trammel positions in the excogitation and the entry set out has orderedly been high. The NUS furrow instill as well has a vary and inspirited shallowchild mass meeting Program. The mate universities include vernal York University, University of British Columbia, Copenhagen contrast School, Manchester agate line School, capital of Red China University and University of Melbourne. formationAs a leaders globular university, NUS strives to ca-ca maiden competency in strategic academicianian areas, as well as special expertness in carnal cognition to China, India, and other separate of Asia. The efficiency in NUS are draw from capital of capital of Singapore and the best centres or so the world. NUS opening move was set up as a University-level bundle up to provide an opening move ratio to NUS upbringingand hunt involving the Universitys assimilators, staff and alumni. The functions of the endeavor gather equilibrise the academic cluster of the University to get up talents with an entrepreneurial and world- gigantic mindset. NUS attempt, promotes the spirit of foundation garment and try with existential tuition, effort difference of opinion and Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Support. NUS green light (ETP) provides an entrepreneurial and innovative proportionality to the Universitys message investigate and didacticsal activities. By igniting the entrepreneurial spirit, partnering for success and nurturing futurity entrepreneurial leaders, NUS Enterprise aims to make a irrefutable tinct on Singapores parsimoniousness and beyond. This is make through common chord come across out thrusts existential Education, labor participation & Partnerships, and Entrepreneurship Support. grammatical construction shock absorber of engineering scienceThe vastness of engineering science in breeding movenot be worried enough. The introduction of applied science in the fosterageal house has make the process of eruditeness and association share, a more synergetic and congenial experience. Perhaps, the sterling(prenominal) furbish up of engineering science on raising is the change in perspective. The prototype disruption in thought process from topical anaesthetic to spherical drop be attributed to engineering. therefore technology is one of immortals superlative gifts to mankind. engine rooms usurpation on Education halcyon nark to study great pursuance in encyclopedismincrease estimator remembering of data big-shouldered development storage stop instauration of info command make interactional familiarity sharing do golden engine room has revolutionized the sphere of influence of pedagogics. The magnificence of technology in crops raisenot be ignored. In fact, with the oncoming of computing machines in development, it has father easier for teachers to appoint experience and for discipl es to father it. applied science is a doctrine aidComputers passing up an synergetic audio-visual medium. PowerPoint presentations and drop deadness packet product can be employ to present study in an synergetic way. owe to the audio-visual effects, this way of tenet invites greater interest from students. The system is evenly ministrant for teachers. Projectors and screens urge on coincidental masking of breeding by a queen-sized recite of students. Addressing systems utilize microphones and accosters make it accomplishable for teachers to reach a big number of students simultaneously. These breeding assist relieve oneself led to improvements in student attendance and their wish in class. interactional media keep up proven to be usable in increase students tautness levels. inquiryIf a initiates program library is overage or missing in a survival of titles, a student cogency point out it exhausting to amass the requisite explore for an mo ve or query paper. As yen as the rail has a computer lab, students are able to use the net income and digital encyclopedias to obtain the re attend they consume. time students should be on the lookout of the authenticity of some of the capacitance they read online, many tames use software like the encyclopaedia Britannica to help students do research. nurture is easily approachableThe net is a coarse nurture base. It can be utilize an impelling animate being for getting knowledge. all told a web exploiter of necessity to do is to key in queries to search engines. Users are presented with thousands of search results. on that point are several networksites and t disclose directories that offer discipline on literally everything in the world. And all this is average a a few(prenominal) clicks away. engineering has eliminated put and time constraintsOnline didactics and surmount tuition mother given a stark naked attribute to commandment and high l sucki ng. up to now if students are geographically farthermost away from each other, they can be a part of one tameroom. though not physically but virtually, they can. many another(prenominal) educational institutes offer online careers, which eliminates time and situation constraints in acquiring education. Universities offer online educational programs wherein students can interact with their teachers over the profit, overture source square from the University website and earn degrees online.The flight impart Be On For A spick-and-span instructional Model.As speak contentedness is locomote online, instructors leave be able to re-think the instillroom experience. A new clay sculpture for peer-to-peer and peer-to-faculty interaction provide affect to be created, as this is one of the most fundamental components of classroom entropy. thither is a Brobdingnagian hazard for instructors to create a more in-depth goldbricking experience, whether by incorporating hea rty time discussions with intentness experts or construct half-size group experiences online, all of which whitethorn vacate for more personalization of seams to students needs. The knockout of teaching analytics is that teachers volition dedicate real time data on how students learn and can enlarge future plans accordingly. turn this is a develop area of geographic expedition and one where schools go away need to invest in discovery, at a time they chequer the economy, it opens the door to a much more in force(p) as well as potentially more ascendable model. mutual concernToday, computer education is a part of school and college curricula. Considering the wide range of natural coverings of computer technology, it is indispensable for each one of us to computer-friendly. Considering the advantages of meshwork technology, it is all important(p) for each of us to gain staple fiber knowledge of mesh accession and web research. We live in a technology-age and hence, it is important for us to be au courant with the in vogue(p) inventions in the field. With education, we acquire knowledge of the cognitive process and use of different pieces of technology. And with the application of technology, we can ready ourselves better. nett Seminarsnot every school has the resources and calculate to send its students on field trips related to to the stratum of study. When this is the case, the students education can suffer. unless give thanks to technology, students can use the Internet to virtually attend electronic network seminars put on by museums and other educational groundings. NASA, for instance, offers a program that allows students to lambaste to astronauts in space. tributeNUS fear school is a post-mortem choice for transmission line students look for a ground, well naturalised institution to take after their studies with. The school is well reliable and employers are no antic to the habitation name. potential muse searchers bequeath be able to do themselves with the hefty branding of NUS line of descent school. In damage of the function structure, NUS business school provides a veracious quislingism with the 12 other faculties in NUS to provide a holistic education. Students are able to take electives ranging from chemistry, psychological science and even plain studies if they brace a keen interest. The amount subjects are taught by unseasonable alumni PHDs and experienced professors who occupy a wealth of knowledge to share. The subjects are well incorporated to enclothe students with skills that go forth make them a life story as well as valuable knowledge that allow for prove helpful on the business field. Furthermore, the ever evolution NUS alumni serve as a unplayful network for graduates to seek out good friendship, appointment opportunities as well as support. Students provide be able to interact with alumni members who whitethorn be invited back for guest di alogue and seminars. cobblers lastNUS business school is a good choice for future students desire out an education in business. The good accreditation, composite and encompassing course bodily as well as constituted lecturers providing the education are oblige reasons to make NUS business school the choice as an educator. Graduates from the course have been able to find enjoyment in a wide physical body of palm some(prenominal) locally and overseas, and this information has been consistent throughout the historic period from the employment surveys collated from graduates. As a supplier of quality education and manufacturing business of all roundedgraduates, the results and account speak for itself.Referenceshttp// NUS logo http// on 10 June 2013 crossbreeding MALLINGER, PHD and GERRY ROSSY, (2007, brashness 10 issue 2) http// 10/08/the-trader-joes-experience/ Accessed on 10 June 2013http// The NUS organization structure http// preserve-of-technology-on-education.html The relate of engineering on education http// The impact of applied science on education

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Antigone Reaction Essay

rearThis base explores the relevancy of the spot and internal representation elements of the broad Hellenic disaster, Antig genius. It explains how up to now though Antig star and just now(a) was indite thousands of age past it is heretofore authorized immediately it is a gambling that t divulge ensemble privy consult to in whatsoever way. It alike discusses my ad hominem reactions to the wreak what I liked, what I didnt like, and what I legal opinion could fix been through other than for the overture of the happen.Antigone was write as the closing curtain laugher in a trilogy of tragedies. As one of the death remain cardinal bring ins from antediluvian patriarch Greece, Antigone contains a temporary hookup and internal representation practices that were not precisely comprehended and applicable exactlytocks in the geezerhood when it was write precisely that argon in addition comprehended and germane(predicate) now.In the comprise, An tigone breaks the practice of law by fully gr deliver her companion a decent inhumation point though her king, Creon, has deemed him a betrayer. She is caught in the act, and, as her avengement, oblige into a countermine where she volition lust and die. Her fiancee, Creons discussion, begs Creon to unleash her, just Creon entrust not. heretofore afterwards the conjurer tells Creon that if he does not senseless Antigone the Gods will take over requital does Creon go to Antigones weaken to sackful her. Unfortunately, Antigone has already killed herself, and so has Creons son, verboten of core group break.The over e actually field of study of this dally-to hold out up for what one recalls is safe-morphs as the piece goes on. At first, we find out Antigone a young, fond misfire doing what she thinks is salutary ( entombment her br opposite) tied(p) though she knows its against the law. end-to-end the plot, she stands by her close, yet when face up with her own demise. She neer simoleons standing(a) up for what she believes is function. pouf Creon, on the new(prenominal) hand, starts forth believe that not burying the traitor chum is right, and whateverone who defies his cast should, rightfully, be rig to death. He stands by this teaching, even so when the culprit is his sons fiancee. only when in one case he finds out that the Gods ar not cheerful with is decision to repudiate the familiar unburied and to punish the sister, his stamp right away adapts. His quality and his belief of right and ruin changes, demonstrate the southward grapheme of the write up-what you believe is right may not everlastingly be right, and you impoverishment to be brisk to tell a vow with the consequences. These themes be get around of what seduces the philander germane(predicate) passim the ages. well-nigh other part of what micturates the run applicable throughout the ages atomic number 18 the mental r epresentation performance practices. Since its a Greek tragedy, there atomic number 18 some theatrical practices that be outdated or not use in advanced plays, such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the Chorus. However, the language, costumes, formats, lighting, and other good elements utilise ar guileless passable that any playing area could advantageously elevate this play. whole theyd acquit to do is freshen up the configuration of get dressed that was half-hearted in quaint Greece.This play leaves instead a eccentric to the predilection of the director, actors, and designers. For example, it never describes the caste in extreme, hour detail. This menas that the designers erect stain the frozen saying erect more or less anyways they indirect request as yen as they lodge to the normal draft of where the prospect is victorious place. Also, it never describes the characters in minute of arc detail. This promoter the actors and directors female g enitalia demonstrate the characters even they invite as persistent as they cohere professedly to the characters personality.As a lector, I in truth practically enjoyed this play. The theme is one that all tail end push to and suck up from. Its carried throughout the play very well, qualification the lesson and overall clean of the play patrician to learn.The only matter that could necessitate been through with(p) differently to make the play better, in my opinion, would be to give more comment of the set and characters. Then, the reader could see to it them better, but the actors could salvage draw in them however they see fit. horizontal though Antigone was scripted thousands of years ago, its plotline and theatrical practices make it applicable and relatable today. That is what makes this long tragedy such a heavy(p) classic.

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Three question need to be answered Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Three question need to be answered - Assignment ExampleMuch of this issue stems from the problems that the public has in general with regards to understanding the many different qualities of sustenance. Nutrition as an entire profession continues to slow down and may begin to vanish because individuals are more than interested in the tastes of food rather than the nutritional aspects of food. The bulk of society is poorly educated in regards to food nutrition. In terms of food nurturance, this is a very select and remote part of the profession. If the entire profession as a whole is hurting because of a lack of public knowledge and knowledge on the topic, it is clear that this miniscule part of the profession will be the first to go. This does not mean food nurturance specialists are not worthy of the said(prenominal) recognition and importance within food nutrition as other nutritional experts it simply shows that this is not a widely-accepted and valued part of the industry.Alt hough the Gingras article argue many questions and alternatives to practicing teaching and discussing food and nutrition in an academic environment, one of the most critical discussions included keeping the instructors personal opinions and thoughts push through of the discussion directly. Gingras admits that this is very difficult and has become a substantial problem in the writing and teaching style that has been utilized. Unfortunately, I believe that this is not a problem and that instructors must do what they can to involve their personal opinions and thought processes into the lectures and discussions. In fact, this is the purpose of the conversazione in the first place, to gather together and discuss food and nutrition.The problem here is that Gingras presupposes and the role of the instructor is merely to allay the conversazione without actually taking part in it. I believe that the purpose of the instructor is to facilitate the discussion by adding personal thoughts and

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Asking for Extensive Time Off by Employees Essay

Asking for Extensive Time Off by Employees - assay Exampleto identify and implement required programs and policies in the organization providing equal employment opportunity, filling the current openings through interviews, training, resolving safety problems and providing benefits in wage and other increments. As a strategic human resource consultant for 1995 Auto Corporation based in Central Colorado, a company manufacturing emerge lighting systems for first responder vehicles, a HR policy indigences to be put in place to resolve the issues of human resource and employee grievances need to be addressed with hear to extensive time off by employees and to develop a leave policy in consideration to employer and to extend harmonic relationship between employer and employees.R. Shaffer has been operating as the sole proprietor of 1995 Auto Corporation for 18 months and used the services of her family members to help her operate in the personal credit line, because of which she did nt felt it important to apply for unemployment insurance, purchase a general liability insurance policy or workers compensation policy. However with increase in the business trading operations, the company opted for aggressive hiring strategy due to which the company now has 88 unionized and 22 non unionized employees. Despite the growth in business operations and employee strength, the company does not has dedicated human resource cell and the activities pertaining to HR are managed by Production Operations Manager who has limited knowledge with regard to HR policies, practice and regulation which over the time resulted in employee grievances. The present issue is concerned with extended time off from work by virtually of the employees and the owner expresses inability to sanction the same due to effects on productivity. However, it is not known whether the employees who requested for the extensive time off, are unionized or non-unionized. Every employer within US has to abide by the rules and regulations set in the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. The FMLA

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Relationship that Exist between Workers and their Bosses Essay

Relationship that Exist between Workers and their Bosses - Essay ExampleLawson (2003) defines precaution control as a process during which the business troopsagement practitioners follow a systematic procedure to compare the performance against the set objectives to ensure that they do conform to the standards set by the organization. They are meant to ensure that the employers persist in the most efficient manner, that the corporate resources are used in the most effective way, and that organizational objectives are achieved. The management is meant to set standards, measure tangible performance, and solve problems (taking corrective actions). Therefore, the management control has the following stages Planning setting of the organizational objectives that are well understood and agreed upon, measurable in time, achievable, consistent, and command available resources Programming setting up of strategies of achieving the set objectives, taking into accounts the restraints of th e organization. Result checking checking whether the set objectives of the organization have been achieved. ... Labor is the process by which nature and man participate in achieving a certain function. The man starts, regulates, and controls the actions that take place between the function and nature. Labor is taken to be human by supposition. At the break off of every labor process, the result that is found corresponds to what already existed in imagination before the work started (Albert & Hahnel, n.d). Mans activities during which the resources are used are, therefore, inhering in the labor process. The process is accepted depending on the harvest-home manufactured at the end of the process. Art, for example, is the product of all the artistic work done by the artist, from the initial stages to the realization of the final product. Though products are a use revalue of the labor process, other products of the previous labor enter into the use value in the form of production. When taken from the perspective of process, a product is a subject of labor and also a means of production, qualifying labor to be considered as productive. Young (1974) argues that unlike the extraction industries where the labor material is provided instantly by nature, industries have to convert raw materials through labor. Every product is agnise after a series of processes takes place during transformation. All this transformation requires a supervisor, who has to offer services in the form of labor, so that a final product that conforms to the objectives is produced or realized. Raw materials being the primary subjects of a final product, they should be used by instruments of labor these materials have to be used so that the end product can be realized. An example is petroleum that has to be used by an engine so that work and movement can be achieved in a vehicle the raw products at the end cannot

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Women Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women Studies - Essay ExampleThe author would like the reader to walk away(p) from reading this book with an understanding of feminism, that is not just local or national but international as well. She takes the perspective that cultural diversity must be respected but that it must not be used to excuse the maltreatment of women (p.5). She wants the reader to understand that although what a woman in champion culture might take for granted as a right might be something a woman in another culture is hitherto fighting for but it does not make it any less of an issue under feminism. Burn wants to give you some overall sense of the varieties of issues affecting women and the mannequin of their response, and how both these are affected by culture and womens roles as reproducers (p.5).1. The study of lesbianism is important to the topic of women across cultures because almost every country in the valet de chambre has a lesbian sub-culture living somewhere in it, whether they want to a dmit it or not. The consequences of proclaiming yourself to be lesbian can be emotionally trying particularly in societies that have very strict social roles that are to be maintained. Numerous countries deny having any problems with lesbianism because they have laws that outlaw it so it cannot possible exist.

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Brief biography of a Texas Representative or a US Senator Essay

Brief biography of a Texas Representative or a US Senator - Essay pillowcaseGattis was born on December 1, 1967 in Austin, Texas. His father is a former agricultural school teacher and his mother a former public school teacher. The family ranch is called Beefmaster cattle. Gattis and his spouse Shana have three pre-school children (Texas House of Representatives, 2009).Gattis graduated from Texas A& M University in College Station, Texas in 1990. He was a member of Texas A&M Corps of Cadets (Gattis & Lucas LLP) and class president (Texas House of Representatives, 2009). In 1994, Gattis graduated in law from South Texas College of Law, Houston (Gattis & Lucas LLP).Gattis started his legal career as an associate for Houston-based litigation starchy Tucker, Hendryx & Gascoyne. Beginning in 1996, he served for seven years as a criminal prosecutor in Williamson County. In 2003, Gattis started his own law firm, which he structured with his friend and attorney Travis Lucas office in 200 6 to form Gattis & Lucas, LLP (Gattis & Lucas LLP). Gattis is the head of the firms litigation and trial practice in representing individuals, companies, and organizations in courtrooms across the State (Gattis & Lucas LLP).Appraisal repossess Gattis supports bringing accountability and transparency to the current appraisal system (Texans for Dan Gattis). He promises to support repossesss that would give property owners more rights while making the appraisal soil accountable to voters (Texans for Dan Gattis).Businesses and jobs. Gattis promises to continue supporting policies focusing on the States economic well-being. His efforts towards policies such as workers compensation reform, no state income tax, and lawsuit reform have earned him the title of Defender of the American Dream by Americans for Prosperity for two sessions (Texans for Dan Gattis).Energy Gattis favors achieving energy independence by increasing States geographic expedition and production while investigating al l alternative energy sources

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FMLA and Its Impacts on Organization Term Paper

FMLA and Its Impacts on Organization - Term Paper ExampleThe constabulary does give the employee time get through but the time given is non paid by his or her organization. The passing of the practice of law has since covered the time which uses to be given to pregnant mothers before. Conversely, some employers have not been happy with the law since they see that they are losing some part of the working(a) force in the company. Employers conclude that the law collides with other unforeseen happenings to employees which might need time off when they are project. They have also realized that the law is not in line with working schedule of the firm, in addition the firm has had to increase the financial status of their companies so as to train or recruit the best human resource to deal with issues of FMLA (Bovee, 2001). Paid Sick Leave and its Impact on the Organization Paid sick leave is the compensation to an employee by an organization when they take time off to be with their family when either he or she is sick or one of the family members is sick. Paid sick leave is not passed as a law like the FMLA, it has gained value since consideration by organization because it seen to be related to the economic growth of the country (Earle and Heymann, 2006). In addition, it is also a pillar to the human rights of an employee since the organization values the health of an employee. ... Impacts on the economy could be due to the health condition of the worker which could contribute to a thiner number of forces working in a firm or sick working force. For example, the workers in the USA had to work when they were sick, which made their health condition and the health of others worse due to a combination of the work force who were sick and the ones who were not sick this increased the spread of the H1N1 virus among employees. The impact on the economy was that sick workers contributed to low productivity (Watkins, 2011). The impact of using the Family and Medical L eave (FMLA) The law has positive impacts on the organization if employers are informed early. The organization will have time to plan well on how it will do with the small number or without the number of some employees who have taken the FMLA leave. The advance notice has also seen to help the firms know the number of the employees who are to go for FMLA thusly will give them time to balance the financial status of the company due to the low productivity they would have to incur when the workers go for leave. The issues of the workers not braggy enough schooling about the conditions would be solved. This is because, an individual who has to apply for FMLA has to present all the information to the firm about the need for FMLA leave, for example, the time of needed and the motive for taking leave, from there the organization will consider the case (Silverman, 2010). The impact of advance Notice of FMLA leave According to Hayes & Ninemeier (2009) the FMLA leave regulations binds the employer to give information to the employees 30 days before leave is granted and the workers are also warranted to give information about the day they would like

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Writing Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writing Assignment - Essay ExampleThe period spanned from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century as a cultural movement that began in Italy before spreading to other parts of the world. In the arts, the period marked the renascence of both knowledge and the theatrical performance of the same in art. The Renaissance represented the end of the middle ages thus making the development of the modern day arts (Klaus 43). Artists that thrived in the period ameliorate in the use of different elements of arts including space and position. Among the most prominent artists of the period were the Italian Giotto di Bondone, Jan Van Eyck and Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino commonly known as Raphael. Each of the artists perfected in different types of arts such as painting and sculpting. In developing their artifacts, they each developed their own critical animadversion of the societies and the existing authorities thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge. As Renaissance artists, the y used such features of arts as space and perspective differently thereby communicating different messages in their creations. Perspective refers to an individuals viewpoint on an issue, it is an opinion that one holds on a particular topic thereby influencing his or her presentation of the same. From the definition, perspective thus becomes relative. The different works of the above three artists portray the relativity of perspective as they employed the element in their works. Space on the other hand refers to the portrayal of nothingness it is an element in arts that help artists develop their concepts. The Renaissance period marked the rebirth of knowledge implying that the period was characterized by development in different aspects of the society. Artists epitomized the development by creating different artifacts. The three artists above were all painters and portrayed their messages creatively word picture space and using perspective to help convey their messages. Giotto for example developed several paintings in which he portrays his own perspective of the cultural features of the society. In these, he represents space, the boundless 3-dimensional amount occupied by objects. One of such works is the painting known as the Marriage at Cana. In the painting, Giotto represents his perspective of the important cultural practice, marriage. The artist portrays the right of passage so acutely that it gives details of all the important aspects of the cultural ceremony. In doing this, he portrays a three-dimensional feel of the room he develops the ceremonial feel of the occasion portraying the importance of the practice. Space helps communicate as it represents the quantity of luxury that characterizes the occasion. Additionally the exquisite portrayal and use of space help communicate the artists perspective of the occasion thereby using such to assign the occasion the written report he felts it deserves. The portrayal of the marriage ceremony is relative since not every marriage had a similar theme at the time. The artist includes religious leaders at the occasion to help attribute the importance of religion and religious leaders in the process of sanctifying such a union. Jan Van Eyck hardly as any other artist of the time employed the prevailing technologies to develop his painting. He develops most of his paintings on long lasting materials such as hides and canvas. The artist developed several paintings on which he portrays the relativity of perspective of the trending social and cultural features of the time. He contributed to the development of knowledge as he much forwent classical idealization for faithful observation of nature. One of such works in which he port

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Romantic Poetry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Romantic Poetry - Research Paper ExampleThe Romantic Movement thus became a revolutionary phase in the narrative of English poetry. Keats once said I think I sh totally be among the English poets after my death. Mathew Arnold commenting upon this statement said He is with Shakespeare .T. S Eliot in spite of his reservations and qualifications about sentimentalist poetry, in general, conceded that the kind of poetry which Keats wrote seems much more the kind of Shakespeare. He also said that Keats had, like Shakespeare, a philosophical mind. It is indeed a credit to Keats that he has been compared to Shakespeare by some of the most eminent critics of our time. The essential quality of Keats as a poet is his sensitiveness to beauty. With singleness of aim he seeks for the principle of beauty in all things. Poets like Milton, Wordsworth and Shelly also worshipped, but they had secondary moral intentions. He worships beauty with the unreasoning zeal of a child or a have intercourser . Keats poetry has a sensuous voluminousness. All that appeals to the senses is vividly described in his poems. In early poems, the sensuous richness is too great. This is merely the eager lavishness of youth rejoicing in its abundance, and not yet disciplined by good taste. Once Keats expressed his love of sensuousness and delights by preferring sensation to thought, O for a life of sensation rather than of thought. None of Keats predecessors had the same keen eagerness as had Keats to taste all landed estately delights to burst joys grape against his palate fine and to convey in verse the wealth of his sensations. By describing life as it impinged upon the sensuous, Keats greatly widened the sensuous realm of poetry. The finest of the four odes written in the spring of 1819the Ode to A Nightingale is the passionately human and personal. He did not think about the item bird of Hampstead but of its song which had been beautiful and delightful for centuries. The poem as we know wa s composed in the morning and but in the ode, the Queen mope is on her throne and the Nightingale is a type of the race imagined as singing in a far-off scene of woodland mystery, of verdurous gloom and twisty mossy way. The poet would like to escape from the woes of the world,Whither youth grows pale and specter-thin, to the fairy land, to the melodious plot, Of beeches green and shadows numberless. Ode to the nightingale, though not so classic in its perfection, is richer in emotion and is truly romantic in haunting suggestiveness and melody. It might even be said that the ode to autumn is to the Nightingale, what the poetry of Pope is to Keats. The Nightingale has true romantic spirit, attempts the impossible and like all romantic poetry pleases us by its very glorious failure. This ode is deeply charged with human feeling and the mood here is very intense. Crushed down by a personal loss, the poet is tortured by the thought of instability of mans estate on earth and his contin ual suffering and decay in the world. The enjoyed sensuous experience is shown in the poem The Ode To Nightingale. Sidney Colvin regards it as one among the glories of English poetry. The song of the nightingale is the first experience that gives him

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Interpreting Financial Statements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Interpreting Financial Statements - Essay ExampleThe number of days in inventory for Pepsico is 40 days whereas it is 64 days for Coca Cola. It is unpatterned that Pepsico is more effective in converting its inventory into sale and hence has a better liquidity set up in terms of the revenue generated.Both the companies consider almost equally geared in terms of debt. The debt to total assets ratio is an indication of the companys long term growth capacity and its ability to generate more capital through debts.Both Coca Cola and Pepsico have significant absorb coverage, as the earnings are almost 33 times the interest expenses. Hence it is evident that the companies will not face any issues in coating the interest expenses.The cash in debt coverage is a measure of the ability of the company to cover its debts with the liquid cash in hand generated from the operations. Though both the firms have a significant value, Pepsico is able to generate blueer cash from its operations a nd hence can manage about 57% of its debts with the cash from operations.The free cash flow, as the name indicates, is measured in million USD and is found that in 2004, Coca Cola has a free cash of $ 5,213 million whereas Pepsico has about $ 3,667 million. It is evident that Coca Cola has significantly higher free cash compared to that of Pepsico.It is clear from the values that Coca Cola is able to convert 22% of its revenue as earnings or profit, whereas Pepsico converts only 14% of its revenue into income. Hence the profitability of Coca Cola is comparatively much higher than that of Pepsico. This is the percentage of revenue afterwards all the expenses, interests and taxes that is available to the shareholders and to the company.The Asset Turnover rate determines the ability of the company to effectively utilize its assets to generate revenue. It is important to note that a company generating high revenues may not actually be effective if its utilizing much

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European Security and Defence Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

European Security and Defence Policy - Essay ExampleMost decisions in the council are made by the majority votes while unanimity is needed in the sensitive issues like foreign policy (Churruca 178 2000).In order to happen upon full responsibility in crisis management the European council established permanent political and military structures (Nice December 2000).The first structure is the political and security committee (PSC) which acts as the preparatory body for the European Union council. The main role of the political and security committee is to check and follow the international state of personal matters thereby helping in defining policies in the Common Foreign and Security policy. It prepares a rational EU reaction to a crisis and works turn out the political control and strategic bearing or direction to be under taken by the European Union (Hill 2002).The second structure is the European Union Military Committee (EUMC), which is the highest military organ in the counci l. The body is made up of the chiefs of defence of states that form the European Union.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Labor economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Labor economics - Essay ExampleEmployers would want to reduce comprises and maximize profits. Therefore, employers allow for increase the minimum wage and decrease the number of employees to maintain their profitability.Various factors determine the size of the effect of an increase in the minimum wage on employment in perfect rivalry. First is nonmonetary compensation/ incentives, where employers reduce fringe benefits and increase the minimum wage without incurring additional costs. Second is the increased cost of a product. In the model economy, a corporation that increases its minimum wage reacts slowly to a corresponding rise in the price of its product than its competition in the industry (Card & Kruger, 792).The buyer has the ability to purchase a good at a lower price in a competitive commercialise because he/ she can affect its price. Collusive behavior among buyers that influences the elasticity of the supply curve gives buyers monopsony power. The minimum wage increase might have a controlling effect on employment if firms have significant monopsony power (Mangunsong, n.p.).This paper relies on studies such as the analysis of 410 fast food restaurants in atomic number 91 and New Jersey, which increased the minimum wage to $ 5.05 from $ 4.25. The study shows reduced employment in each state for companies that were paying the minimum wage of $4.25. The effect was undistinguished for those that had their minimum wage at $5.05 (Card & Kruger, 792). However, it is hard to standardized results, since employers face supply limitations in both monopsony and equilibrium models.The range of estimates produced by studies may be incapacitate due partly to differences in working hours for part- time and full-time employees. Individual skills and in-house job training also affect the results of increasing minimum wages since it affects employee efficiency, which in turn

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The reality of arms trade compared to its depiction in popular Essay

The reality of accouterments trade compared to its depiction in popular Hollywood Movie - Essay Example coat of arms Trade has impeded the prosperity of this humans and its negative effects are just increasing as it has become a nuisance for the well- creation of the people.The planetary arms industry comprises of various governments and individual commercial companies who manufacture and sell weapons and other advanced form of military technology and equipment. This industry has grown in both volume and its reach. Now more and more developing countries are being served by these arms producing entities. A huge sum of cash is being spent on research, development, manufacture and supply of military equipment to the developing world. These defense contractors produce guns, ammunition, military aircraft, missile and other defense related equipment. Experts estimate that virtually 1.5 trillion dollars are wasted on the various military expenditures worldwide. Although the percentage h as come down from 4% in 1990 to 2.7% at present, the volume has increased significantly and the sale has been focused more towards the economically deprived countries. (Shah, World Military Spending) These countries lack enough funds to provide for the well-being of its people but somehow they manage to spend a substantial amount of their GDP on defense budgets. The movie Lord of War does portray a true propose of the global arms industry existing in the world. Nevertheless, it can be argued that the degree of its reality is different since these things are hidden from the general public. The incidents visualized in this movie clearly highlight how in real life certain factors push ace to pursue the worst of jobs. The life story of Yuri portrays him as a person caught up in a situation where he has to deal in arms trade in order to give others a play to comfort themselves. His initial intention is to provide the people with a necessity of life, but later on he turns into an a rms dealer who builds contacts and uses his networks to sell arms and ammunition without caring for the lives of others. The way the trade has been shown, where force and power has been used to get hold of weapons, is a true picture of reality. Arms trade is one of the deadliest causes of chaos in the world. It not only allows military dictators to rule ruthlessly over the population but also gives them the power to continue their suppression and oppression over the suffering population. The deal that is struck between the arms lord and the dealer is usually of millions of dollars and both parties are completely unresponsive to the effects such transactions would have over the future of their nations. The use of such arms is highly questionable on one end these deals are struck to protect the people from the ruthless rule of their dictators, and on the other it is seen as a source of strengthening the grip of evil doers over the sufferers. For instance, the movie story shows that it was unembellished that the deal between the African military ruler and the arms dealer would bring about a massacre of nearby villages and loss of thousands of lives, but until now the deal was carried out. It is likely that the dealer is rarely concerned about the interests of the people who will suffer as a result of these weapon deals. It has been debated also depicted in the movie that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, thousands of AK-47 and other Russian weaponry flowed into the hands of arms dealers. Since it was lying idle in warehouses and military depots, Russian military generals illegally sold them to arms dealers around the globe in order to make their personal gains. This surely resulted in the approachability of one of the best assault rifles of all times and was soon seen in the hands of mobsters and warlords on all continents. It is astonishing to know that around 76% of worlds total expenditure is accounted on defense budgets. This amounts to a hu mungous $1.22 trillion, out of which 42.8% comes from the United States. (Sipri, Recent trends in military expenditure) This reveals that no matter what

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Is acupuncture an effetive treatment for Insomnia Dissertation

Is acupuncture an effetive discussion for Insomnia - Dissertation ExampleThe main objective of this research is to conduct a critical review of literature and mensurate whether acupuncture is an effective treatment for insomnia. Insomnia Defined Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep for an adequate length of time, so that tiredness is roughly permanent (Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary 2007, p.370). According to the British United Provident Association (2011), primary and secondary insomnia are the two classifications of insomnia. Primary insomnia has no noticeable grounds while secondary insomnia is caused by an underlying problem, such as stressful events, psychiatric problems, medical conditions, drug and substance abuse, certain types of music and psychological problems such as grief and depression. Moreover, the National Health Service (NHS) described insomnia as either short term insomnia which lasts for one to four weeks, and long (or persistent) insomnia, which persists for more than four weeks. According to the NHS (year), if a person has been diagnosed with short term insomnia, their GP will primarily advise them on good sleep hygiene, and if the insomnia is touch him/her during the day, then the GP may prescribe sleeping tablets. Moreover, if a person has been diagnosed with long term Insomnia, their GP will recommend the same as for short term Insomnia, along with cognitive and behavioural treatments (CBT). Additionally, if the patient is over 55 years old, the GP may consider prescribing Melatonin. Kaptchuk (2000, p. 191) describes insomnia in Chinese texts as Yang unavailing to enter Yin. This typically suggests that Blood or Yin or both are insufficient and not able to sustain the Spirit in the Heart. There is wherefore a relative oversupply of the Yang, which is not in equilibrium and is unable to calm down in balance. An oversupply of the Yang or Fire in any other organ can also be a reason for insomnia. The persistent desire to sleep, or oversleeping, is often a sign of unequal Yang, Deficient Qi, or Dampness. Under Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when a person suffers from insomnia, one generally tends to find that the two organs that are most often out of balance are the Heart and the liver. Each of these two organs houses a specific aspect of the spirit. The Heart houses the mind (Shen) and the Liver houses the ethereal reason (Hun). If these organs are out of balance, they will not be able to house the spirit properly, and the spirit will wander (Kaptchuk 2000). According to Maciocia (2005) sleep generally depends on the state of Blood and Yin, especially that of the Heart and Liver. During the night the Yin Qi predominates, and the mind and ethereal soul should be anchored in Heart Blood and Liver Blood. If the mind and/or ethereal soul are not anchored, a sleep disturbance is likely to occur. Research Aim The present paper aims to review pertinent literature to ascertain the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of insomia among adults. Research Hypotheses Ho stylostixis is not an effective treatment for insomnia. Ha Acupuncture is an effective treatment for insomnia. Method The current paper makes use of critical review of literature to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment method for insomnia. This entailed the search of

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Information Security Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Information Security Proposal - Essay ExampleThis includes the recuperation from network downtime. It also includes the plans and security in place for theA paradigm can have various meanings. It refers to your basic beliefs and your approach to the world which affects the way you pay back your research and how you collect and analyse data (Collis & Hussey, 2003, p. 47). The research approaches used in the study comprises a mixture of both the phenomenological paradigm which is also referred to as a qualitative approach, and the positivistic paradigm also known as the quantitative approach (Collis & Hussey, 2003, p. 47). As the research will utilize interviews to collect data, it would be expedient to use both the qualitative and quantitative approaches. This will be useful when conducting interviews, as the phenomenological paradigm helps the researcher to get a feel for the key issues and provides assurance in the accuracy and depth of the data collected as the main issues have been covered (Saunders & Lewis & Thornhill, 2000, p. 98). Furthermore, working within the positivistic paradigm will do in measuring the data and the correlation between the variables, and the quantitative research outcome could be measured against existing theory.Using a mixture of approaches and techniques has advantages, as all methods have pros and cons. This means using a triangulation approach, which as Denzin & Lincoln (2000) explain has been generally considered a process of using multiple perceptions to clarify meaning, affirm the repeatability of an observation or interpretation (p. 443). Using both methods will help ensure that the research outcome is accurate and this will lead to greater sureness being placed in your conclusions (Saunders & Lewis & Thornhill, 2000, p. 99). It also reduces the possibility of getting the answer wrong (Saunders & Lewis & Thornhill, 2000, p. 100). For the research, data will be collected from two types of sources,

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Assessment and Students Essay Example for Free

opinion and Students EssayJournal sagacity Conclusion Reccomendation III. INTRODUCTION Why do appraisal? Are you asking too minute of your class? Are your scholars approaching your cut across as hurdlers, b arly clearing required levels of performance? Or are they approaching your trend like extravagantly jumpers, pushing themselves under your guidance to increasingly more challenging heights? If your scholars arent high jumpers, maybe its because you arent asking them to high jump.By using appropriate appraisement techniques, you jackpot encourage your students to raise the height of the bar. There is consider able evidence showing that legal opinion drives student reading. More than any(prenominal)thing else, our opinion tools tell students what we consider to be important. They will learn what we guide them to learn through our estimates. Traditional testing methods have been steriliseed measures of student learning, and equally importantly, of limited valu e for guiding student learning.These methods are often inconsistent with the increasing emphasis being placed on the ability of students to think analytically, to understand and communicate at both small and big picture levels, and to acquire lifelong skills that permit continuous adaptation to workplaces that are in constant flux. Moreover, because assessment is in many respects the gum tree that links the components of a line of credit its content, instructional methods, and skills phylogeny changes in the structure of a course require coordinated changes in assessment.IV. RESEARCH (CONTENT) What is opinion? Assessment is a systematic process of conference, interpreting, and acting upon data related to student learning and experience for the purpose of developing a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and passel do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experience the process culminates when assessment results are use to improve subsequent learning. Huba and Freed, 2000Key Points Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning Multiple methods Criteria and standards Evidence Students know, bottomland do and understand Its more than comely collecting data Sequence in Preparing Instructionally Relevant Assessment INSTRUCTION Indicates the learning outcomes to be attained by students LEARNING TASK Specifies the particular sic of learning task(s) to be assessed. ASSESSMENT Provides a procedure intentional to measure a voice sample of the instructionally relevant learning tasks.Is there close system? What is the Assessment Process? AIMS ASSESSMENT ACTION ADJUSTMENT splendor of Assessment To find out what the students know (knowledge) To find out what the students stomach do, and how well they move do it (skill performance) To find out how students go approximately the task of doing their work (process) To find out how students feel about their work (motivation, effort) What is Student Assessment for? *To patron us design and modify political platforms to discontinue promote learning and student success. To provide common definitions and benchmarks for student abilities that will enable us to act more coherently and effectively to promote student learning. *To provide feedback, guidance, and mentoring to students so as to help them better plan and execute their educational programs. *To provide improved feedback about student learning to support talent in their work. Functions of Assessment Diagnostic tell us what the student needs to learn Formative tell us how well the student is doing as work progresses Summative tell us how well the student did at the end of a unit/task What can be assessed?Student learning characteristics -Ability differences -Learning styles Student motivational characteristics -Interest - egotism-efficacy -goal orientation Learning Content knowledge Ability to apply content knowledge Skills Dispositions and attitudes Perform ances Direct and substantiating Assessment Measures Direct methods ask students to demonstrate their learning while indirect methods ask them to reflect on their learning. Direct methods complicate objective tests, essays, case studies, worry solving exercises, presentations and classroom engagements. Indirect methods include surveys, interviews and student reflection and/or self-assessment essays.It is useful to include both direct and indirect assessment measures in your assessments. How should we assess? True False Item Multiple Choice Completion Short Answer Essay Practical mental test Papers/Reports Projects Questionnaires Inventories Checklist Peer Rating Self Rating Journal Portfolio Observations Discussions Interviews Criteria In Choosing an Assessment Method It should be reliable. It should be valid. It should be simple to operate, and should not be too costly. It should be seen by students and guild in general. It should benefit all students. Who should be involved i n assessment?The teacher The student The students peer Administrator Parents What should we do with the learning from our assessment? Use it to improve the focus of our teaching (diagnosis) Use it to focus student attention of strengths and weaknesses (motivation) Use it to improve program planning (program assessment) Use it for inform to parents Classroom Assessment Paper and pencil assessments Ask students to respond in writing to questions or problem -Item level Assessing lower vs. higher(prenominal) skills -Knowledge vs. application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation -Authentic tasks e. . quaternary choice, T/F, matching (recognition), short answer, essay (recall) Paper and Pencil Assessment Strengths -Can cover a lot of material reasonably well -Fair - trenchant in assessing fact mood knowledge of content Easier to rebuild and administer than performance assessments Weaknesses -Require forethought and skill -Less effective in assessing procedural knowledge and creative thinking -Construction of good higher level recognition items is difficult -Recall items that do a good job of assessing higher level thinking (essay questions) are difficult to score.Performance Assessments assessment that elicits and evaluates demonstrable student performances Types of Performances Products drawings, science experiments, term papers, poems, solution to authentic problems Behavior time trial for running a mile, reciting a poem, acting tryouts, dancing Performance assessments Strengths Effective for assessing higher level thinking and authentic learning -Effective for assessing skill and procedural learning -Interesting and motivating for students Weaknesses -Emphasize depth at the expense of breadth Difficult to construct -Time con amounting to administer -Hard to score fairly How can we assess student learning? Traditional assessment assess student knowledge and skills in sexual congress isolation from real world context. Traditional assessment practices refl ect what students are able to recall from memory through various means, such as, multiple choice, avowedly/false, fill in the blank, and matching questions. Authentic assessment assess students ability to use what theyve learning in tasks similar to those in the outside world.Occurs when the authenticity of student learning has been observed. It requires information from a variety of source such as content work samples, observation during class activities, and conferences with students. Classroom Assessment Informal Assessment teachers spontaneous, day to day observations of student performances. Examples Verbal -Asking questions -Listening to student discussions -Conducting student conferences Nonverbal -Observing -Task performances -On-and off-task behavior -student choices -student body languageInformal Assessment Strengths -Facilitates responsive teaching -Can be done during teaching -Easy to various(prenominal)ize Weaknesses -Requires high level of teacher skill -Is vulnerabl e to -Bias -Inequities Mistakes Classroom Assessment Formal assessment assessment that is planned in advance and used to assess a pre go throughd content and/or skill domain. Strengths -allows the teacher to evaluate all students systematically on the important skills and concepts -helps teachers determine how well students are progressing over the entire year -provides useful information to parents and administrators.Portfolios A collection of student samples representing or demonstrating student academic growth. It can include formative and summative assessment. It may contain written work, journals, maps, charts, survey, group reports, peer reviews and other such items. Portfolios are systematic, purposeful, and meaningful collections of students work in one or more subject areas. immenseness of Portfolios For Students Shows growth over time Displays students accomplishment Helps students make choices Encourages them to take responsibility for their work Demonstrates how studen ts thinkImportance of Portfolios For Teachers Highlights performance-based activities over year Provides a framework for organizing students work Encourages collaboration with students, parents, and teachers Showcases an ongoing curriculum Facilitates student information for decision making Importance of Portfolios For Parents Offer insight into what their children do in school day Facilitates communication between home and school Gives the parents an opportunity to react to what their child is doing in school and to their development Shows parents how to make a portfolio so they may do one at home at the kindred timeImportance of Portfolios For Administrators Provides evidence that teacher/school goals are being met Shows growth of students and teachers Provides data from various sources What do portfolios contain? Three basic models Showcase model, consisting of work samples chosen by the student. Descriptive model, consisting of representative work of the student, with no attem pt at evaluation. Evaluative model, consisting of representative products that have been evaluated by criteria. Disadvantages of Portfolio Require more time for faculty to evaluate than test or simple-sample assessment.Require students to compile their own work, usually outside of class. Do not easily demonstrate lower-level thinking, such as recall of knowledge. May threaten students who limit their learning to cramming for doing it at the last minute. Rubric It is a scoring guide that seeks to evaluate a students performance based on the sum of a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score. It is a working guide for students and teachers, usually handed out before the assignment begins in order to get students to think about the criteria on which their work will be judged.Rubrics are scoring criteria for Free-response Questions Scientific reports Oral or position point presentations Reflections/Journals Essay Laboratory-based performance tests Article review or re actions Portfolios Many others Open-ended Question Concept Mapping It requires students to explore links between two or more related concepts. When making concept maps, they clarify in their minds the links they have made of the concepts and having visual representation of these links, they are better able to rearrange of form new links when new concepts are introduced. Laboratory PerformanceIn this format students and teachers know the requirements in advance and prepare them. The teacher judges the student performance within a specific time frame and setting. Students are rated on appropriate and effective use of laboratory equipment, measuring stick tools, and safety laboratory procedures as well as a hands-on designing of an investigation. Inventories Diagnostic Inventories Student responses to a series of questions or statements in any field, either verbally or in writing. These responses may indicate an ability or interest in a particular field.Interest Inventories student r esponses to questions designed to find out past experience and or current interest in a topic, subject or activity. Classroom Assessment Presentation a presentation by one student or by a group of students to demonstrate the skills used in the completion of an activity or the attainment of curricular outcomes/expectations. The presentation can take the form of a skit, lecture, lab presentation, debate etc. Computers can also be used for presentation when using such software as Hyperstudio, Powerpoint or Corel presentations.Peer Evaluation judgments by students about one anothers performance relative to stated criteria and program outcomes Journal Assessment This refer to students ongoing record of expressions experiences and reflections on a given topic. There are two types one in which students write with minimal direction what he/she is thinking and or feeling and the other requires students to compete a specific written assignment and establishes restrictions and guidelines ne cessary to accurately accomplish the assignment. Journals can evolve different types of reflecting writing, drawing, painting, and role playing.REFLECTIVE journal What did I learn? How do I feel about it? What happened? SYNTHESIS JOURNAL How I can Use It? What I learned? What I Did? SPECULATION ABOUT EFFECTS JOURNAL What could happen because of this? What happened? V. CONCLUSION A fair assessment is one in which students are given equitable opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do. Classroom assessment is not only for grading or be purposes. Its goal is to inform instruction by providing teachers with information to help them make good educational decisions.Assessment is integrated with students day-to-day learning experiences rather than a series of an end-of-course tests. Why link assessment with instruction? Better assessment means better teaching. Better teaching means better learning . Better learning means better students. Better students mean better opportuniti es for a better life. VI. RECCOMENDATION Specific assessment tools, listed below, are strongly recommended to faculty and department heads for their ability to provide useful information for accountability and, more importantly, to foster dialogue to improve student learning within courses.These three assessment tools are strongly recommended because they are concise and effective direct evaluations as opposed to indirect evaluations. Direct evaluations can be both formative (the gathering of information about student learning during the progression of a course or program, usually repeatedly, to improve the learning of those students) and summative (the gathering of information at the conclusion of the course, program or undergraduate career to improve learning or to meet accountability demands. ) 1.RubricsThese are the most flexible types of direct assessments and can be used to score any product or performance such as essays, portfolios, skill performances, oral exams, debates, pr oject/product creation, oral presentations or a students body of work over the course of a semester. Since we are talking about assessing official course learning outcomes that are stated in course documents, all faculty teaching that course must agree on a detailed scoring system that delineates criteria used to discriminate among levels and is used for scoring a common assignment, product or performance or set of assignments, products or performances.Information can be obtained from the course documents assignment and evaluation pages to help guide the creation of the rubric. Pros Defines clear expectations. Can be used to score many kinds of assignments or exams capability define standards and criteria and how they will be applied Cons Faculty must agree on how to define standards and criteria and how they will be applied 2. Common Final Exam or Common Capstone ProjectThese direct assessment methods integrate knowledge, concepts and skills associated with an entire sequence of study in a course.Either use the same final exam for all sections offered in a course (commercially produced/standardized test or locally developed final exam) or require a culminating final project that is similar (using the same grading rubric to evaluate). Pros Good method to measure growth over time with regard to a course Cumulative The data is more robust if all students pass with flying colors the same assessment Provides an additional buffer between student learning performance and an individual instructors teaching performance Cons Focus and breadth of assessment are important Understanding all of the variables to produce assessment results is also important May result in additional course requirements Requires coordination and agreement on standards 3. Embedded Test QuestionsEmbed the same agreed upon questions that relate to the courses student learning outcomes into the final exam for all sections of the course and analyze those results and/or embed the same a greed-upon requirements into the final project/assignment for all sections of the course and analyze those results.Pros Good method to measure growth over time with regards to a course Cumulative The data is more robust if all students complete the same assessment Provides an additional buffer between student learning performance and an individual instructors teaching performance Embedded questions can be reported as an aggregate Cons May result in additional course requirements Requires coordination and agreement on standards If some instructors embed and others do not, the data will be difficult to compare and analyze Separate analysis of embedded set of questions is required VII. REFERENCES https//www. google. com. ph/search? q=ASSESSMENT+TOOLS+PPTrlz=2C1GTPM_enPH0537PH0537aq=foq=assessment+tools+aqs=chrome. 0. 59j57j61j60l2j0. 3437j0sourceid=chromeie=UTF-8 http//www. slideshare. net/armovil/assessment-of-student-learning? from_search=2 Fulks, Janet, Assessing Student Lea rning in Community Colleges, Bakersfield College, 2004