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Adult Aging & Development Media Log Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Adult Aging & Development Media Log - Article ExampleThe article has cover pretty much all the points on nutrition and gives a good information oh healthy eating. The authors take on PhD qualification and realize done justice to the article in providing needed information more than or little disparate nutritional requirements.Although it would have made the writing more better if it explained how these foods helped different parts of body in their maintenance.The introductory paragraph of the article could have been more attractive and detailing in order to fix the attention of the readers. The writer has given a wide view on stress but it would have been better if the effect of stress on mental health was mentioned more.stress but if vitamin supplements were suggested it would have been more beneficial. C atomic number 18 givers can be also advised in the article to know the elderly population more intimately which would allow them to take better care of them. One thing whi ch was attractive about the article was that the author has given some reference where the caregivers can resort for assistance. The article could have been more elaborative as it seems to be a bit short with information. The writing should also suggest how counseling go out benefit them in overall performance of their profession.The article could have suggested to the readers how elderly people can revoke dementia .The age group of people if provided would have given information about the people who are more prone to this disease. The writer should have mentioned whether diet and lifestyle has any affect on developing dementia. The information on the disease could have been more detailed as people have less knowledge about such affectiones. The article can explain the experience of people suffering from this illness and how they are coping up with life. The various treatments available for the same could have been mentioned in the article. An

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Contracting and Payment Options Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Contracting and honorarium Options - Essay ExampleAccording to Subpart 32.9-Prompt Payment of the Federal Constitution, the act stipulates the ideal elements to justify military posture in contracts under the prompt payment approach. The first crucial element is that government agencies should effect payments on a timely basis for all products delivered by contractors. For instance, the IRS just like other federal agencies and departments is accorded the mandate to passing payments promptly after receiving services or goods from its contractors. Products such as the softw be for processing tax returns are critical for the IRS operations hence, the need for prompt payments. Subsequently, the act stipulates the need for the contractor and the government agency to learn the withstanding penalties at the event of lateness in the delivery of services or payment for the completed tasks. For example, if the delivery of the parcel for processing taxes is delayed, then the IRS should imp ose the ideal penalty. The IRS would bear the penalty to the extent that it fails to make payments after the software product is delivered on time. Lastly, the act allows federal agencies to accommodate any substantial and economically justifiable discounts from the contractors. In elaborating the case, a government agency such as the IRS will be acting legally if it opts to accept a certain percentage discount on the cost stipulated by the contractor for the tax processing software. The intercourse should amend the Prompt Payment Act over time in order to ensure effectiveness in this payment option.

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Challenging Conventional Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Challenging Conventional Leadership - Essay ExampleFrom this discussion it is clear that in the period of a knowledge-based economy, extensive human resources can help an memorial tablet attain significant competitive payoff and the same has been recognized by the elites of the organizations. In the meanwhile, empowerment is highly recommended as a tactic to promote employee commitment towards the organization thereby implementing changes. Such is the trait of unconventional leaders. They tend to empower rather than instruct. This suggests that enhancing an organizations leadership capability which in turn fosters organizational commitments becomes the focal point of change counselling in an organization. Empirical literatures have suggested that, organizations require a modern leadership port at a time when the organization itself is going through a turbulent phase. In such a circumstance the new leadership style has been deemed appropriate by many researchers.This paper high lights thatconventional leadership style gives more stability to the organization. This is precisely because they tend to go by the book and their leadership style is non reckless in nature. However, many a times it has been seen that a conventional leaders tend to send packing innovation. They are more likely to encourage activity, action and work rather than encouraging innovation, ideas and fun.The topic as to which leadership style is more appropriate has been largely debated by many researchers throughout the world, yet a rigid conclusion has never been reached.

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The Rational Consumer Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Rational Consumer - Personal Statement ExampleThe alternative I permit for buying gasoline is use of other types of fuels and public means of transport. However, in substituting these alternatives with buying gasoline, I must incur an probability cost. According to Hussain (2010), an opportunity cost is the cost incurred when one turns from using a product to using its best alternative. In this particular case, the opportunity cost for buying gasoline is the unhinge of using public means of transport and engine malfunctions due to use of other fuels. Due to this opportunity cost, I go out not be able to turn to zero consumption in the rook run. However, I might later turn to zero consumption by acquiring an engine specifically made to use other fuels.In the short run, when the price of gasoline increases, the expenses on other goods will increase especially for make out of gasoline. The reason for this is substitution effect. Substitution effect is the relative change in co nsumption of a product as consumers substitute it with cheaper substitutes (Hirschey, 2008). As the price of gasoline increases, I would substitute it with its cheaper alternatives and thus the income I spend on those other goods would

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Mental Health Nurses are the Best People to Aid Recovery of Depressed Assignment

Mental Health Nurses are the Best People to Aid Recovery of Depressed and cardiac Patients - Assignment ExampleOver the recent decade, several studies have linked anxiety and falling off with cardiovascular problems, as well as fatal heart attacks (Bogner, Ford & Gallo 2006). A wide-ranging analysis of falsifiable studies about cardiac patients psychosocial medications indicates that a vast sum of resources have been employed in this attempt (Pignay-Demaria, Lesperance, Demaria, Frassure-Smith & Perrault 2003). Hence, it is lively for mental health nurses to be knowledgeable of the important developments that have taken place. A vast public figure of studies and reviews over the recent decade have analysed the impacts of natural depression on cardiovascular problem. They propose a affinity surrounded by cardiovascular problems and depression, but not a decisive causality trend (Ai et al. 2010). The findings can be classified into three groups (Ai et al. 2010). Primarily, depre ssion portends the start of and weak diagnosis for cardiovascular illness (p. 27). Second, the connection between heart disease and depression is due partly to the connection between cardiac patterns and risk factors and depression like refusal to take medication, poor compliance to minor precautionary discussion, social exclusion, and withdrawal from rehabilitation courses (Ai et al. 2010). Third, some(a) studies indicate that coronary heart disease whitethorn reinforce depressive symptoms, particularly among women. Certainly, a significant keep down of Myocardial Infarction (MI) survivors are experiencing depression (p. 27). Duits and colleagues (1997), in an analysis of 17 potential investigations of psychosocial results after cardiac surgery, discovered that preoperative depression and anxiety portended postoperative mental instability.... The explanations why depression is usually insufficiently addressed and treated in cardiac patients have yet to be completely explained. De pression commonly is expressed by grief but can be determined without this particular aspect. Since elders with persistent clinical illnesses such as heart diseases may not show grief or sorrow and because other(a) indications like weakness or weariness are pervasive to cardiovascular problems and depression, overlap in symptoms may reinforce the failure to recognise depression by physicians.On the other hand, patients and physicians might think that depression is a natural response to heart problems. Previous researchers of depression in the perspective of clinical comorbidity evaluated the movement of depression to be a mental outcome of experiencing a disease. Furthermore, a number of physicians may be hesitant to interview their patients regarding their symptoms of depression and patients may be unwilling to reveal these specific symptoms. Moreover, successful treatment of comorbid cardiovascular disease and depression necessitates knowledge of the interaction between these h ealth disorders.

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Dividend announcements and share prices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Dividend announcements and sh ar prices - Essay ExampleThe term signboard is commonly used in economic analyses. It refers to the idea that one party (termed the agent) conveys several(prenominal) meaningful development about itself to another party (the principal). (Signaling, 2006) Also, signaling is based on the principles of lopsided entropy. This says that, In some economic transactions, inequalities in access to instruction upset the normal market for the exchange of goods and services. (Signaling, 2006) In such(prenominal) a situation the signaling hypothesis says that, two parties could get around the problem of asymmetric information by having one party send a signal that would reveal some eyepatch of relevant information to the other party.As mentioned, dividend announcements are one way by which information is conveyed to investors as well as to the market. The information content of dividend announcements has long been explored by various researchers and analysts. Moreover, various studies defecate been conducted to mark off how dividend announcements incite the price of the shares of the company in the market. Different theories have been created to explain how certain factors affect the information content of dividend announcements and how matter that such information may have on the stock prices. The subject of the information content of dividend announcements warrants research for it affects several parties. For one, investors and shareholders are directly influenced by the stock prices of shares. Also, previous research has suggested that when dividend announcements are made, abnormal returns are seen especially during the period surrounding the announcement. (Starks, 2004) In this paper, one area of dividend announcements will be explored. Particular focus will be given on the size effect or the effect of the size of the firm on the abnormal returns that are seen when dividend announcements are made. This research will concentrate o n the size effect as made evident in the Australian stock market. By conducting such analysis, this research will be able to answer the following research question What is the effect of dividend announcements on asset pricesTheoretical FrameworkThis research will follow the methodology utilized by Mozes and Rapaccioli (1995). Their take up aimed to determine the role of dividends in explaining the size effect. The said study is a follow up on past researchers that have been conducted wherein it was discovered that, on average, the firms shelter price increases around its announcement of an increase in dividends or a special dividend. Moreover, previous researches have shown that the converse likewise holds. This means that a firms security prices tens to decrease when an announcement of a decrease in dividends or a discontinued dividend is made. Also, past studies have shown that reactions to dividend changes are greater for small firms than for large firms. Using empirical analys is, the study of Mozes and Rapaccioli (1995) aimed to investigate the extent to which dividend announcements affect the relation between firm size and the amount of information provided by earnings announcements. However, since this research does not concern itself with earnings announce

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Errors in crime scene investigating Research Paper

Errors in crime scene investigating - Research Paper ExampleThe royal court also must make sure that no innocent person is ever wrongly punish or convicted for offences that he or she has not committed. In the raw day, with the advent of technology and the availability of modern forensic test facilities, crime scene probe (CSI) has acquired much signifi weedce in the process of jurisprudence investigations and the conducting of trials. During 1998, the US Department of Justice, in what could be termed as a landmark study, has dig uped 28 cases of wrongful strong beliefs by means of DNA tests and thus brought to the fore the fallibility of the law enforcement system (Doyle, 2010, 110). In most cases, the jury has relied on eyewitness accounts, which is the oldest form of separate to pass their verdicts and 24 unwrap of the 28 cases have entailed wrongful conviction due to misidentification (110). This adequately underlines the significance of scientific methods of investigatio n in determining the complicity of offenders in the crimes they are charge of and to minimize errors in crime scene investigations. Thus, it transpires that in the interests of imparting criminal justice and to rule out errors in crime scene investigations the law enforcement system needs to deploy advanced technology. ... ost transparent and rational manner is to facilitate the availability of forensic evidences that can irrefutably link the perpetrator to the crime under investigation. Criminals, constantly in all cases, no matter how meticulous and calculating they are, leave imprints of indelible evidence on the crime scene. While an efficient investigator, with the aid of modern technology will be able to unearth much(prenominal) evidences that can positively identify the perpetrator of crimes and help in proving his or her involvement in the commission or abetting of the crime. An investigation of the crime scene commences with the arrival of the first respondents at the lo cation. Such persons whitethorn not necessarily be trained in forensics and hence they need to appreciate the significance of carnal evidences that play a pivotal and especially valuable role and are the most reliable evidence (Crime Scene and Physical Evidence, 2009, p.4). Besides, they also must understand the importance of proper custody and handing over of such evidences to the investigation team once they arrive on the scene. This way, the sanctity of the evidence they collect from the scene can be sustained and any possible errors can be ruled out. Crime scene investigation can be understood as a process that seeks to record the scene as it is and to separate and collect any physical evidences that are potentially relevant to the crime (p.4). The process also envisages adherence to any local laws, rules and regulations that relate to CSI and forensic investigations and ethical as well as human gravitas considerations (p.4). Similarly, removing unnecessary items, taking pho tographs and developing a descriptive documentation of crime scene are momentous in the process of CSI (Death

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Inflation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Inflation - Essay ExampleAs pomposity is directly proportional with the integrality demand in an economy and also the money interpret, governments encourage a certain rate of pretentiousness to prevail in an economy for gradual growth (Edwards, 1984).Prior to setting up of a patronage or preparing the annual financial budget for the economy, inflation is always taken into account. Measures are taken to reckon inflation so as to leave room for investment, global competitiveness and local demand in the economy. Therefore, attaining price stability through and through controlled inflation has always been one of the major concerns for all economies (Hart, 2010).Inflation is caused through various factors. It is however difficult to conclude as to what factor has precisely led to inflation and by how much. The forces of demand and supply and other factors concurrently result into inflation and the government has the tools of fiscal and monetary insurance to control these factors sim ultaneously. The major causes of inflation can be because of a demand shocks, supply shocks, money supply and exchange rates, and future expectations (Mishkin, 1984)Inflation is directly proportional to the aggregated demand in an economy. This is because, when the economy is at its growth stage, there are more employment opportunities. As more people are equal to work, households incomes rise giving them more purchasing power. This causes a rise in the aggregate demand. As the aggregate demand curve moves to the left, the producers also have to increase their supply to exploit this rise in demand. As they increase their production/extend their supply, their costs of production increase which results into an increase in the price level. This Demand-pull inflation can be so intense that it can also cause a Stagflation where an economy reaches at a stagnant growth with high unemployment and high inflation rates. (Martin, 1985).In contrast with Demand-Pull Inflation, Cost-Push Inflat ion is

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Nursing Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing Application - Essay ExampleSome times I felt the penury to assist but I lacked the capacity to do so because I was only a child. However, these occurrences usually strengthened my desire to acquire the capability to assist other people to overcome problems. From that time up to now when I am a grown-up, I still yearn to accomplish my childhood desires of fitting an expert in promoting peoples health and general well-being of children, adults including the healthy, the ailing and the aged. I take aim the conviction that becoming a nurse will empower me to accomplish my goals. I settled on the decision to apply to Dorothea Hopfer School of nursing came as a result of careful analysis regarding the diverse institutions that offer the program. I have met with a number of professionals in nursing as well as in other fields who graduated from the institution, and the positions that they hold in the local, as well as multinational organizations, are admirable. The institution has a good reputation, and local organizations usually give the first priority to graduates from the institution. I believe that the skills that I need in nursing will be acquired through studying in the institution. I have never felt so right about accomplishing my goals through a particular proposition institution the way I do now. I am ready to sacrifice as some(prenominal) time as the program requires. I have strong leadership and team building skills that modify me to learn quickly through interactions with other students. I actively participate in class and symbolise to continue with this practice in order to accomplish the best in my nursing studies. I tactile property privileged to present my application to this reputable institution where I believe my professional goals will be accomplished. I am looking forward to cooperating with the administration as well as my instructors to enhance my mathematical operation in studies.

Religion and Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Religion and Science - Essay ExampleThis is due to the fact that some scientists turn knocked out(p) to be religious and some religious leaders too are scientists. This paper provides critical comments regarding triplet different questions that comprise of controversy between science and theology.The first exercise concerns Copernicus theory, postulated by a corking scientist called Copernicus. Copernicus was a University trained Catholic priest dedicated to astronomy (Russell 59). Ancient scientists, theologians and philosophers strived to explain how the world operates and how it came into existence. Copernicus was non an exceptional. He endeavored to explain planets and the cheer are interrelated. According to the astronomical method developed by Copernicus, the solarize is positioned at the center of the universe with the Earth and other planets revolving around it in circular paths modified by epicycles and at uniform speeds. The model postulated by Copernicus deviated fr om an earlier model, the Ptolemaic system that had prevailed in western countries for centuries that set the earth at the center of the universe (Russell 92).Although the Copernicus theory could predict accurately the relative distance of the planets from the sun it could not produce more accurate predictions of planetary positions. It appeared not to agree with common sense and also contradict the bible. Basing, on theological, physical and astronomical perspectives some thinkers like Tycho Brahe, objected the idea by Copernicus of the earth moving. credibly that might have been the reason why theologians rejected Copernicus theory, even though Copernicus had dedicated his book to the pope (Russell 79).Seen as a smart move, Copernicus books publisher, Oisander, added a preface that seemed to shield Copernicus from any awry(p) doing .The publisher stated in the preface that the theory of the earths motion was put ship as theory and not as a conclusion suggesting it was the absolu te truth. The approach

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Why did the United States get involved in the war in Korea In what Term Paper

Why did the United States get involved in the struggle in Korea In what sense was it an outgrowth of the icy War - Term Paper ExampleCold War is a state of affairs between the former USSR and the USA which are at betting odds with each other except for the understanding that it is for the best interest of the world that they should avoid direct build up conflict. Instead, they good try to outdo one another in building their armaments and in expanding their allies. The enemy of the USSR became the self-moving best friend of the US and vice versa. Whenever the USSR assists another country in the latters receive conflict, the US immediately goes to the rescue of the enemy of the USSR allies.Stated otherwise, the cold war was a game of chess. The USSR and the US agreed to avoid direct armed fighting and just play chess instead. The world became the chessboard, the Kings were their feature countries, the Queens were their atomic bombs, the other officials were their armies and the pawns were the smaller countries like the divided Korea and divided Vietnam among others. The general game invention was to propagate the capitalist-democratic ideology while containing the others communist-authoritarian regime. The player is willing to sacrifice his pawns and even officials just to secure the position of the King on the board.And in this game of chess, the North and South Koreas became the opening pawns. The USSR was at first not interested in Kim Il-Sungs plan of invasion, in the same way that the US was already in the process of withdrawing its troops from South Korea. But when the communist north had crushed the capitalist south, the US executed its game plan and plunged itself into war. The US can never allow communism to come more space in the world.The US got involved in the war in Korea in score to stop communism from spreading and to protect the capitalisms position at the peninsula. The National collect paper has so succinctly puts it, Thus, when Nort h Korean troops invaded the South, the Truman administration

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Relationship between Money Supply and Inflation in Saudi Arabia Math Problem

relationship amidst Money Supply and splashiness in Saudi Arabia - Math Problem ExampleLucas (1995) has forever put emphasis that there is a long run connection connecting coin supply to prices of goods. splashiness and money supply cannot be separated and where there is pretentiousness, there is financial phenomenon. The increase in money supply is the root cause of increase in prices of commodities and this is what constitutes the central dogma of inflation. Inflation has been categorized as either domestic or imported. This is because inflation may come as a settlement of increase cost of imports (high prices on imported goods) and services from within the country or due to the monetary convert rates (Jackson & Miles 2006). Inflation is hence the product of the interrelations between money supply and production. Bearing this convention in mind, economist theories are divided into three schools 1.The ones that mean the process itself is the find out factor (Keynesian)2.t hose who believe that the monetary effects are determinants (monetarists)3.those who believe that production (supply) is the determining factor showing lack of products (goods and services) as superior factor that causes inflation Internal inflation is as a result of increased supply and credit. Inflation can also be described as undue increase of a countrys currency or expansion of the cash amount particularly upshot of paper money not redeemable in specie. According to monetarists, monetary effect on inflation is as a result of money supply and that the increase rate is faster than that of national income growth.... Inflation is hence the product of the interrelations between money supply and production. Bearing this convention in mind, economist theories are divided into three schools 1. The ones that believe the process itself is the determining factor (Keynesian)2. those who believe that the monetary effects are determinants (monetarists)3. those who believe that production ( supply) is the determining factor showing lack of products (goods and services) as dominant factor that causes inflation Internal inflation is as a result of increased supply and credit. Inflation can also be described as undue increase of a countrys currency or expansion of the cash amount particularly issuance of paper money not redeemable in specie. According to monetarists, monetary effect on inflation is as a result of money supply and that the increase rate is faster than that of national income growth. The sum of money theory of money derives the following expressionM V = P YWhere (M) is money supply, (V) is hurrying of money, (P) is the price index, plus (Y) as real income. Monetarists assert the velocity V to be fixed slice the national income (Gross Domestic Product) Y is determined by supply factors and is hence independent variable affect money supply. Accordingly, there is a direct correlation in existence. If a considerable rise in the money supply, the extent at w hich price height go forth go up by the identical margin. By this perception, a rise in the money supply would lead to a similar cost increase in cumulative demand in the short-run the rise would cause another rise in the actual degree of output. On the other hand, there would be an increase in earnings which will cause and increase in inflation and thus the

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International Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Paper - Essay ExampleIn economic terms the gross domestic product is defined as the, total market value of all the goods and services produced in a earth in a given year, equal to total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of imports. In a laymans terms the gross domestic product is the sum total of all the goods and services produced in a ground in a given year. Its relevance to the business planning of the Big motorcar pose is that, it will give the society an idea on how it faired in comparison to the other equal companies and what kind of a role did it play in contributing to the GDP of the country. Another significance of the GDP is that it shows the position of the sellers and their products. rising prices is the, persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent filiation in the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of ava ilable goods and services. (Robinson K., April 2007) In simple terms inflation is the rise in the value of goodness and fall in the value of money. The selection of Inflation as one of the macroeconomic measure of proceeds and prices for the planning of the Big Auto Drive can be justified in many ways. Inflation has a direct impact on variables like consumption, savings and investment. Inflation affects the economic growth of the country and is the cause of higher levels of inequity in income.Relationship between macroeconomic variables and Big Auto DriveThe sales data of the different commodities of Big Drive Auto shows a kind of uniform trend. The valuation reserve of disparity in sales from 98 to 07 is pretty much on an average level. For instance, table one illustrating the vehicle sales unit, shows that in the year 1998 the company sold 139 units followed by 160 in 99 then one hundred forty-five in 00 and 133 in 01. The highest repress of unit sales achieved by the company was in the year 2003, the number of sold units accounting to 167. 2001 was the year the company sold the lowest number of units, 133. This shows that the difference between the uttermost and the minimum number of sales in the span of 8 years from 98 to 07 is not very much. plainly one thing to be noted here is that from the year 03 on the sales have been on the higher side, in the 160s line. So the relevance of this data to the U.S GDP is that, the highest contribution made by the company to the countrys economy in terms of vehicles sale was in the year 2003. The data of an organization also helps to make up the growth rate of the GDP of a country.The fact that inflation leads to the rise in prices of goods and commodities is known to everyone. that the core knowledge of the effect of inflation on

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Safe Staffing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Safe Staffing - Assignment exercisingThe perceptions of nurses towards expert staffing is that a staff mix that takes into account the educational preparation, experience and professional requirements must be given priority as an aspect that will help in addressing nursing shortage and the abject nurse workout put that comes with existence overworked. Safe staffing enables nurses to have room to work together, take advice from colleagues and mull over on their own performance in their work output. However, this cannot happen when nurses feel that they are not safe in their places of work (Frost & Alexandrou, 2013).Safe staffing according to nurses is not just about improving the needs of the patients and improving their outcomes succession in health upkeep settings. It also features an aspect of ensuring that nurses feel safe in the environment where they work. Safe staffing should depart an environment where nurses can work without injuring themselves or feel exhausted to the extent that they cannot provide adequate care to the patients (Tierney, Seymour-Route, Crawford, 2013). The environment in safe staffing requirements ensures that all nurses feel motivated to work hard and not being forced to work hard because of the circumstances that the work place exposes them to. These aspects must be assured in the environment where nurses work. Therefore, safe staffing needs encompass the needs of the nurses first for them to be in a daub to provide effective care services for patients (Rogowski, Staiger, Patrick, Horbar, Kenny & Lake, 2013).

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A Comparative Analysis of Juvenile Crime In The United States And Thesis

A Comparative Analysis of novel Crime In The join States And Japan - Thesis ExampleThe pristine purpose of the research is to ascertain differences and similarities in rates of juvenile offender recidivism in Japan and the United States.Crime historian Sir Leon Radzinowicz defines criminal offence as something that threatens serious harm to the community, or something generally believed to do so, or something committed with evil intent, or something forbidden in the interests of the most powerful sections of society (as cited in Kornblum & Julian, p. 164). Juvenile crime is a grim reality in the United States and Japan. It appears that many of the young people in both countries have lost their sense of direction. Reports of violence, sexual deviation, theft, and drugs reflect social problems that atomic number 18 embedded in the youth. In 2009, juvenile courts in the United States handled an estimated 1.5 million delinquency cases that involved juveniles charged with criminal f aithfulness violations. Juvenile courts handled 30% more cases in 2009 than in 1985 (OJJDP, 2012). The rise in crime dismiss be contri provideded to a growing population to a certain extent. As the numbers mount, society is forced to shed light on just what the youth are capable of, and scrambling to find out why.Dealing with the negative constructs of crime for the most part is contingent on the beholders perspective of why crime occurs. Theories on crime causations include, but are not limited to, the following social strain or inequality, biology, conflict, and culture. In addition, crime can be categorized by violent personal crimes, property crimes, occupational (white collar) crimes, corporate crimes, public-order crimes, conventional crimes, unionized crimes and professional crimes (Kornblum & Julian, 1995). As a subset of crime, juvenile crime refers to crimes committed by underage people. Juvenile crime can include any of the aforementioned categories with the exception of corporate and white collar crime, which generally are

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Consumer Preference of Brighton & Hove Teenagers on Organic Food Essay Example for Free

Consumer Preference of Brighton Hove Teenagers on Organic Food EssayThere bring on been many studies analyse the casts on consumer purchasing and consumption of primitive solid nutrients. It has a Journal of the Human Environment that argues that parts of interrogationes encounter hold of frequently taken the form of asking consumers directly active their reasons for corrupt or nonpurchase of constituent(a) foods sooner than seeking which types of beliefs and attitudes argon actually related to purchase or consumption. (Shepherd, Magnusson, Sjoden, 2005) In recent year, other enquiryers pretend examined what beliefs and attitudes predict consumption. (Shepherd, Government short letter for Science, 2011) In several studies, a majority of the customers keep a penchant for and an interest in thorough food. However, the proportion of regular purchasers of thoroughgoing food is low. (Shepherd, Magnusson, Sjoden, 2005) So, this phenomenon showed a inequality betwee n consumers attitudes and way, which is most of Consumers attitude are positively for radical foods, but not often to subvert them. It seems the consumers not have a concerned the extreme foods become an important purchase criterion.Since the 1920s, the primitive food has first appeared in Europe. (Baourakis, 2004) Until now, even the entire foods not take big mart character, but in recent years, according to the British Food Standards Agency said identifies the role that organic food plays in providing choice for customer. (Food Standards Agency, 2011) Lampkin Padel (1994, cited in Baourakis, 2004) exploreed that consumer demand for organic food increased rapidly, thus, the number of famers increased reasonably, this phenomenon is not however in Europe, but also is in the get together States.Problem Statement The problem to be queryd is the purchase behavior of teenagers toward organic food in Brighton Hove. As mentioned before, the sales of organic food are change magnitude in UK. Nevertheless, Non-organic food relieve dominates in the food securities industry. In addition, while at that place has some consumers who are already familiar and deal with the organic food. It still has many consumers who are not yet know near them. Because of organic food produced without using any artificial chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers, which is better and fresher gustatory modality than other nonorganic foods.(Georgiou, 2002) There are different reasons why consumers tend to prefer to debase organic food. To realize the teenagers of Brighton Hove behavior on organic food, these are some of the variables that exit be taken into account when do the interrogation, which heap divulge to extrinsic factors and internal factors. External factors are environment influence, the like didactics aim influence, cultural influence, and family influence. Internal factors are product attributes, which are benefits of organic food, like environmentally friendliness, good for animate being welfare, taste good and personal wellness.These may influence consumer buying decision. Research aims and objectives This seek aims to explore teenagers behavior of Brighton Hove on organic food consumption in their daily life. This research go away provide richer and deeper disposition of teenagers orientation on organic foods and work to specialised ages, thus the levels of education and collect the breeding about why they care about organic food. These research questions to be answered are Do the teenagers like to buy organic food in Brighton Hove? Do the teenagers choose organic food influenced by environment (i.e. education level, cultural influence or family influence) in Brighton Hove?What causes the teenagers care about organic food (i. e. the environment concern, carnal welfare, personal wellness, taste) in Brighton Hove? In this particular case, it becomes more interesting to be more the teenager by chance will be influence by place cultural. Because Brighton Hove are famous resort which near the sea. Brighton and Hove is the UKs healthiest metropolis that reason is its residents lifestyles, much(prenominal) as cycling to work, do yoga practice, and swallow uping green food according to a study for Sky Travel.(University of sussex, 2010) The intention explore is the future development of organic food in Brighton Hove by asking questions and wonder. This paper will propose use deductive way for research on specific consumer behavior on organic foods in Brighton Hove. Anticipated contributions Organic food is green food, these benefits lead to the market share of food were influenced, so, this academic research discuss about purchase behavior of teenagers on organic food consumption in Brighton Hove. Because teenager is our future, from their behavior, we can see the organic food development of Brighton Hove in next 50 years.Until now, it has some research about customer behavior on organic food , however, since there is lack of selective information for specific group people, like teenager. In this case, Kardes, Cronley, Cline argued that one of the contributions for study consumer behavior is that condition consumers and help them to make a better decision, also can understand make products for consumers actually ask and wanted. This becomes a marketing strategy, this research proposal discovers and satisfies customer needs and wants effectively and beneficial manner, while profiting the long-run interests for business.(Kardes, Cronley, Cline, 2011) Also this research proposal will investigate customer behavior information by ancient research and secondary information, summary the consumers performance, which showed the market tendency and understand the rival. It can help companies can get the market share of organic food in the future. Brief Review of Literature Wright Crea (2007) pointed that the UK organic food market rise approximately 10% annually with a val ue of 2 one million million million dollars, already become third largest in the world.According government statistics, the multiple supermarket retailers accounted for the major marketing share to the consumer with approximately 73 % of sales. The independent retailers and parts of farmers accounted for consumer 27 % of sales. The box schemes and internet company made up 8 per centum. (dardni, 2010) Base on selective information, organic food is preferred by all age groups because of its health friendly benefits. These contained old people, adults and barbarianren. According to statistics, 70 % of the costumers are women, while 30 % are men. 57. 3 % of organic food consumers have job, while 23. 2 % do not have job.(Damin, 2011) Food standards Agency demonstrates that to eat organic food is a way to decrease consumption of pesticide resi callables and additives. (Food Standards Agency, 2011) Organic procurement reflects consumers are not only care about sparing, but also conce rn with food production link to personal, accessible and environmental effect. (The Open University, 2006)Lockie argues that no artificial chemicals is one of the key point cause the sale process of organic product around the world, which reflects people are more interested in personal health and family health, also care about the animal welfare, tradition, environmental protection, food traceability and sustainability. (Lockie, 2006) Food Standards Agency, if they think theyre buying food with extra nutritional quality or extra safety. (Food Standards Agency, 2011)) Stringer and Dennis argued that in UK recent research showed 21 percentage of housewives ranked taste over other facts in what they ate in 1998s, while 14 percent of housewives because of health concern for their family and themselves in 1998s.(Stringer Dennis, 2000) According to ACNielsen research, the consumption of organic baby food jumped about 16 percent over the year before in 2005, it nearly double increasing of total organic food consumption. (Working Mother, 2006) In 2008, the Ferrell and Pride searched the mother behavior and investigate the age range from 25 to 40, are more prefer to buy organic food or clothing for their children no matter what their income. (Pride Ferrell, 2008) Mamatha Sarada revealed that child rights attitudes and participation in activities were influenced by their mother.(Mamatha Sarada, 2009) Brozina argued that culture can influence the consumers motives for organic food consumption. (Brozina, 2009) Samli argued that consumer behavior was influenced by social class, which related to not only economic well-being, but also other factors, such as education, family background and occupation. Secondly, it influenced by hierarchy of needs, which is more likely to be observed as different degrees of economic development, culture, and social psychology.Thirdly, it influenced by interpersonal influences from group member, like social consumption phenomenon and co nsumer want to buy highlife make a good impression on others. Fourthly, it depends on affective influences, like emotion. At last, cognitive will be influence the consumers choice, which is how much they know about that product. (Samli, 1995) While consumer express positive lieu on organic food, but it is not likely to expand beyond this niche market in the future, the major reason is premium prices, unless low-input can be made recognisable to consumers.. (Oppapers, 2011) Handlechner argued that organic producers are still only occupying a niche market now. Nevertheless, organic food may be having a bigger potential in the future. (Handlechner, 2008) Hypotheses Hypothesis1. I expect that the teenagers in Brighton Hove may be having positive perspective on organic food due to Brighton Hove is a healthiest city. Hypothesis 2 I expect that the teenagers in Brighton Hove powerfulness concern about environment issue, animal welfare, and personal health, so they choose the organic food.Hypothesis 3 It is also my prediction that teenagers in Brighton Hove may not interested in organic food due to they do not possess economic income. Hypothesis 4 Maybe they like to buy the organic foods, but for teenager are too expensive that they do not possess enough notes to pay for them. Methodology This research wined the deductive way because the aim proved by separate several research questions that mentioned earlier before. This research design is exploratory due to this research proposal intends to explore the teenagers demeanor on organic food through survey in Brighton Hove.This study will visualize descriptive because this proposal focus on survey the characteristic of certain group, teenagers. Accordingly, some writers in a journal demonstrated that descriptive study is the researchers are interested to survey a group such as education level, income, age or gender in some situations. (Kumar, Deb, Sinha, Sinha, 2001) The research is also adopt cross sectiona l because of this study will study in a particular phenomenon and particular term. It has time limited. (Scribd, 2011) Research method Primary research This research can either be qualitative or numerical.Nevertheless, quantitative research may cover a larger number of populations, which will give generalize statistics results by questionnaire. This qualitative research intends to collect an in-depth understanding of teenagers deportment and the reasons why they have that behaviour. This qualitative research is a non-numerical info collection by interview. Moreover, the qualitative and quantities research method inquires the how and why of decision devising by teenagers, not only where, when, what. So, this easy chooses these methods on this particular case studied in rearing to seek empirical support for this research hypothesis.This research proposal will base on quantitative research due to it will give statistical evidence of data, which can be summarize teenagers behavi our specifically. Questionnaire is my first choice. Concerning the print cost, the questionnaires will be surveyed through email in the internet. The questionnaires will include an unveiling that gives intelligibly explanation of purpose of this study. Furthermore, the questionnaires also will include clearly instructions that give a well-guided to the teenagers.Moreover, it will give clearly question which is easy to teenagers. More specifically, writing the letter to enlighten passkey get the permission in Brighton Hove. This questionnaire will be taken in the Junior high school and high school in 11th July 2011. This study will be randomly survey jet students in jr. high school, 500 boys and 500 girls respectively. Other parts are 1000 students in high school, 500 boys and 500 girls. This will be more easily and faster when make analysis the data based on different education level and gender.Also, it will adopt anonymity, in order to keep the private information for teenag er. This research proposal also will accord to qualitative research due to it will be get more detail with deeper conversational interview. It will not have predetermined questions are asked, because it can remain more open and adaptable get useful information due to nature and priorities of interview. It can directly get the exactly information for this research. More specifically, the interview will be taking at the school supermarket in Brighton Hove in 19th July 2011.More closely interview the staffs in supermarket in order to understand teenagers behaviour by real consumption. Moreover, the interview will be doing at teenagers home in 30th July 2011 and in order to have chance to understand their behaviour by face to face talking. It wills choice 10 families in high school, 10 families in junior high school. It could be though this interview can prove whether the teenager preference on organic foods influenced by their family background and mother.Secondary research The value of using the secondary data for market research has been substantial throughout history, continues today, and promises to grow in the future. (Patzer, 1995) Secondary research contains the collation, brief and synthesis of existing research that data is already done by government, company, organization or personal. When this research proposal chooses the secondary data source, it would be have a critical thinking and concern the academic source. Government research data is the good choice for this research. Moreover, Base on the books and journals, summarize others studies and result.It will filter information and get the clearly results. Another research approach would be reputation organization and news website. What is more, May be I can get record data form staff in school supermarket, for instance, it could be get the sales of every year or month in the school. Using the other cities secondary data compare with the primary data in Brighton Hove in order to know whether the Br ighton Hove culture will influence the teenager behaviour on organic foods. Data Analysis Thematic analysis focuses on placeable themes and patterns of living or behaviour. (Aronson, 1994) So in this case, the thematic analysis will be used to match data and analyze them in interview. Moreover, another analysis is the content analysis, which will use in the interview, too. The questionnaire will be collect data by software for statistics, like Excel. Do the diagrams would be use the software, like word. Time chart JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember Research for Literature review Formulate research strategy, design and select methods Questionnaire Interviews celestial sphere Work/ Data collection Data Analysis Write up Conclusion.This research expects to explore the teenagers preference on organic food in Brighton Hove, which can get exactly information to answer the research question. I hope the teenagers will more concern their health and environment and animal in order to develop a sustainable society. The organic food company may take this kind research forward, which will bring long-term benefit if they grasp customer behavior and attitude. Maybe they will not only survey the teenager, but also research the householder behavior and psychology due to they have economic power.Bibliography Aronson, J. (1994). Nova.Retrieved 6 8, 2011, from A Pragmatic View of Thematic Analysis http//www. nova. edu/ssss/QR/BackIssues/QR2-1/aronson. hypertext markup language Baourakis, G. (2004). Marketing trends for organic food in 21st century. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Brozina, S. (2009). EuroMed Journal of Business. Cultural influences on motives for organic food consumption , p. 185. Damin. (2011). dissertation. Retrieved 6 5, 2011, from Consumer behavior and organic food dessertation http//www. dissertation-helper. co. uk/consumer-behavior-organic-food-dissertation/ dardni. (2010). Agriculture and Rural Development.Retrieved 6 5, 2011, from The ma rket for organic products http//www. dardni. gov. uk/ruralni/index/bussys/organic_production/organic_business_management/marketing. htm Food Standards Agency. (2011). Safe food,better business. Retrieved 5 28, 2011, from Organic food http//www. food. gov. uk/foodindustry/farmingfood/organicfood/ GeorgiouDunnElisha. (2002). Everything you need to know about organic foods. The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. Handlechner, M. (2008). Grin. Retrieved 6 7, 2011, from Organic Food http//www. grin. com/ Kardes, R. F. , Cronley, L. M. , Cline, W. T. (2011).Consumer appearance. Cengage Learning. Inc. Kumar, R. , Deb, K. J. , Sinha, B. N. , Sinha, V. K. (2001). Lithium Toxicity. A descriptive study , pp. 52-57. Lockie, S. (2006). exit Oorganic mobilizing networks for environmentally responsible food production. London. Mamatha, T. , Sarada, D. (2009). Child rights ICDS programme. Discovery Publishing House PVT. LTD. Oppapers. (2011). Oppapers. Retrieved 6 6, 2011, from Consumer Attitudes and purchase intentions in relation to organic food http//www. oppapers. com/essays/Consumer-Attitudes-And-Purchase-Intentions-In/307542 PatzerL.Gordon. (1995). Using secondary data in marketing research United States and worldwide. An forge of Greenwood Publishing Group,Inc. Pride, W. M. , Ferrell, O. C. (2008). Marketing. Yaga Mamas Todays Choosy Mothers , p. 134. Samli, A. C. (1995).International consumer behavior its impact on marketing strategy development. An imprint pf Greenwood Publishing Groups,Inc. Scribd. (2011). Scribd. Retrieved 6 7, 2011, from Research Proposal on TheConsumer Behavior On MP3Players http//www. scribd. com/doc/54718736/Research-Proposal-on-the-Consumer-Behaviour-of-MP3-s Shepherd, R. (2011).Government office for Science. Retrieved 6 8, 2011, from Societal attitudes to different food production models http//www. bis. gov. uk/Foresight Shepherd, R. , Magnusson, M. , Sjoden, P. -O. (2005). AMBIO A Journal of the Human Environment. Determinants of Consumer B ehavior Related to Organic Foods , pp. 352-359. Sheth, N. J. (1985). Historical Perspective in Consumer Research National and International Perspectives. HISTORY OF CONSUMER bearing A MARKETING PERSPECTIVE , pp. 5-7. StringerMichael, DennisC. (2000). Chilled foods a comprehensive guide. Woodhead Publishing Limited.The Open University. (2006). Language of Food Politics. Retrieved 5 29, 2011, from Research Report The Discourse of Organic Food Promotion language, intentions http//creet. open. ac. uk/projects/language-of-food-politics/documents/4_organic_food_report. pdf University of sussex. (2010). Sussexsport. Retrieved 6 3, 2011, from Healthy Articles http//www. sussex. ac. uk/sport/1-4-9. html Working Mother. (2006). Is Organic Food Worth it? Working Mother , 88. Wright, S. , Crea, M. D. (2007). The International Market for Organic and plum Trade Food and Drink. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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History of Atlanta Essay Example for Free

History of battle of capital of Georgia EssayEven by the touchstone of America, Atlanta is a young urban center. Even before it became a settle ment, such cities like Cincinnati, Charleston, Chattanooga and natural Orleans were already thriving cities. Atlanta can be said to be a bright, rapacious and brash townspeople with the rough ages smoothed by time. The metropolis dashes with the charm of the south. Atlanta has a unequalled and proud heritage despite its relatively young age and has a past that is worth creation preserved. Even though Atlanta was in the South, it was not however of the south from the beginning. It begun as a infinitesimal complainway crossing.As such, it was established as a vilifyway terminus. The culture, values and mores of the town resembled those of the frontier towns of the obsolescent West than of the cities of the Old South. The catalyst for its growth and economy still remains transportation. The metropolis always attracted men and wo men who possessed vision from the beginning, the opportunists who possessed the foresight to offer the facilities that would make Atlanta become one of the most all-important(prenominal) cities in the Southeast. The Creek and Cherokee Indians owned the land that is now Atlanta or so one degree Celsius and fifty yrs ago (Robert, 1981).When the first white elimination was founded on the banks of the Chattahoochee River near the Indian village of Standing Peachtree, the United States was well into war. This was in the year eighteen twelve. The white people and the Indians lived together until the year eighteen thirty five when the leaders of Cherokee nation consented under the Treaty of New Echota to leave their lands and effort west. During this period, the Cherokee lands were officially under the possession of atomic number 31, an act that resulted into the infamous Trail of Tears.Farmers and craftsmen from the mountains of North Georgia, Carolinas and Virginia were the early s ettlers in the realm of Atlanta. These early settlers were in most part hardworking and deeply religious. Through lottery disbursements, they came to possess their lands. They lived in harmony and peace with their Indian neighbors. They withal owned a few slaves. They built schools and churches. They often traveled to Decatur to trade besides marketing their cotton in Macon which was a hundred miles to the south.In the nonmodern south, this society was as taut to being termed yeoman as possible. In the metropolitan Atlanta field of view, some of their pre-Civil War churches, homes, mills and cemeteries are still in existence. The inception of Atlanta was the integration of necessity and geography made possible by the steam engine. The construction of a trade route from the coast of Georgia to the Midwest was voted by the Georgia General Assembly in the year eighteen-thirty six. It was meant to be a offer force which was to facilitate trade between the state and other region s.The terminal for the railroad was to be at the sparsely populated Georgia Piedmont. It was to run from a particular point on the Tennessee line close to the Tennessee River, starting near Rossville to a point on the Southeastern bank of the Chattahoochee River that could be easily accessed by the branch railroads (Reed, 2006). The name of the railroad was to be the Western and Atlantic Railroad of the State of Georgia. Stephen Harriman Long, an army engineer with a wealth of experience, was offered the task of finding the most practical route foe the new rail line.He chose a site that was eight miles south of the river. The Indian trails and connecting ridges converged at this point. This point that he chose be to be just the right site with an ideal climate. The stake was driven near the present phoebe bird Points in Downtown Atlanta. Atlanta is positioned in the Piedmont Plateau with an elevation of one 1000 ands fifty feet further no natural barriers can impede on the grow th of the city. Atlanta grew developed like the towns in the West between the periods that long drove his stake on the ground and the beginning of the civil war. silver was stroke in the rail lines instead of mining. Opportunists, salesmen, merchants, craftsmen and land speculators were soon attracted by the railroad workers little settlement which was aptly named Terminus. What followed were the warehouses, ironworks, textile industry, sawmills and banks. The city later came to be called Marthasville in honor of the Governors daughter. However, prominent citizens considered this mane to be too long and bucolic for the progressive city and hence were changed to Atlanta.The patterns of settlement were slowly being formed. A substantial merchant residential community known as Mechanicsville thrived around the rail yards. Near the bloodless Hall Tavern grew the West End. Luxurious home begun to be built on Marietta, Whitehall, Broad, lower Peachtree and cap Street as residential aven ues of important citizens begun to be established. However, pre-War Atlanta was not a quiet agate line community. According to Franklin Garrett, the town was classified as tough even as the number of good, moral citizens increased.The city distinctively developed as a railroad center with vices that were characteristic to rough frontier settlements. romp dives, brothels, resorts and drinking were normal in the city and the sporting elements were insulting on their defiance of the public shape (Robert, 1981). When the Civil War erupted, Atlanta was already an important city. It had a population of more than ten thousand individuals, banks, manufacturing and retail shops, four rail lines, banks, carriage and wheelwright shops, three thousand eight-hundred homes, tanneries, warehouses, mills and iron foundries.It became an important shipping and supply center for the Confederacy. It also possessed the facilities which made it necessary for the Union forces, led by Sherman, to seize and destroy it. In July 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman began his campaign from Chattanooga to Atlanta. The city surrendered to his forces on September 2 after a series of battles and a siege of the city lasting for a month. The city was on fire not because of Union shells but mainly due to the box of explosives that the retreating Confederates blew up.Evacuation of the city and the last of buildings that could be used by the confederates were ordered by Sherman. By the time Sherman started his march to the sea, the only structures leftover standing in Atlanta were about four hundred buildings. The city became a ghost town of ashes and rubble. When the residents came back and begun rebuilding the town, the city was still smoldering. The residents came back with a new and stronger spirit than before. Their confidence in the future of Atlanta grew and inside five old age after the holocaust, the city was rebuilt and its prewar population redoubled.The city adopted a new form of architecture which waxes popular during that era since the original antebellum architecture was almost entirely destroyed during the period of the war. However, some of the few fine whitewashed columned mansions that were in downtown Atlanta survived even though others were later destroyed to provide room for state and city buildings. The limits of the city were originally circular and ext stop one mile from the zero milepost. Its initial expansions were circular too.The demographic patterns of the city were reestablished as before the war. West End continued to thrive as a residential business community of the upper class. Along the Peachtree and Washington Streets, wealthy white citizens established and built prudish mansions. Prosperous black enclaves also developed despite the fact that segregation existed in the city. These enclaves were concentrated on Auburn Avenue after 1906. Summerhill, Vine City and many other residential pockets around the central city emerged as b lack neighborhoods.The city experienced rapid growth from the time that the Civil War ended through the last decade of the nineteenth century. The central business district expanded from Union depot toward the its limits by the end of eighteen seventy (Best of Images of America, 2000). The city was dissected by a cart track of railroad tracks which converged in the lower downtown gulch. The flow of traffic over the tracks was facilitated by the construction of a network of viaducts that were planned in the turn of the twentieth century and completed twenty five years later.The business district was moved to another level by the viaducts which led to the establishment of another area that is presently known as Underground Atlanta. For the railroad depots, a simple utilitarian Italianate architecture was encourage and this influenced so much the design of the design of the commercial buildings that were constructed before the turn of the century. The foundation of Atlantas economy within this period still became the railroads. This continued through to the Second World War when emphasis shifted to truck and mail transport.The citys growth was spurred by transportation and private enterprise. In the final decade of nineteenth century, new rail lines were added to the citys network. Its dominance as southeasts railroad center became established with the consolidation of ten radiating lines within that decade which included divisions of Southern Railway totaling five. With the recession and depression of the economy of the nation in the nineteen eighties, a series of seemlys and expositions were staged by an Atlanta promoter to attract business in this area.In an guarantee to establish a new economic base in the postwar south, the International Cotton expo was staged in 1881. Atlanta was advertised as a commercial and transportation center by the Cotton States and International commentary of 1895 which made Atlanta to emerge as one of the major cities of t he Southeast. The Exposition became recognized worldwide and by 1903, many regional and national companies had their headquarters in Atlanta. The growth of Atlanta as an industrial base, contrasting it with the rest of the south which was inclined toward agriculture, came as a result of the fair and exposition.Industrial complexes were established along the rail lines, textile mills also came south and mill villages were also constructed to house the workers. The residential perimeters also expanded with the introduction of horse drawn street car in the 1871. There was also the emergence of several private developers. Among the notable private developers was Joel Hurt who built the abstain skyscraper in Atlanta. He also established the first planned residential suburb in Atlanta. Atlanta adopted the Chicago school of architecture in the establishment of skyscrapers of elevator buildings.The citys skyline was transformed from the delightful High Victorian to a collection of multipu rpose skyscraper office buildings and hotels. These new buildings attracted a large railroad and insurance. Atlantas distinctive personality is offered by the early commercial buildings and the Victorian and post-Victorian settlements that were build between 1890 and 1930. Atlanta in the southeasts capital city, a future city with strong ties to the past, its soul being the old in the new, a heritage that enhances the quality of life in a modern city.

Essay on hinduism and buddhism Essay Example for Free

Essay on hinduism and buddhism EssayHinduism and Buddhism have distinguishable equivalentities and are in some ways connected to each other. Some of the practices of the two religions are similar in many incompatible ways and there are several examples to show this. Hinduism first started in India around 1500 BC. The word Hindu comes from the word sindhu or river. The Hindu community think of themselves as those who opine in the Vedas, or those who follow the way or dharma of the four classes and the stages of life. The four classes organism the varnas and the stages of life being the ashramas.Like Hinduism, Buddhism also started in India. It is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is called the Buddha. Buddhism started a monastic movement in the brahman tradition. Another name for buddah is the enlightened one.It is generally agreed that the Buddha was born in 563 BC in Kapilavastu to the formula of a small kingdom. He grew up as a rich guy and had a fine lif e. When he was 29 he came to realize that high life up to this point had been so empty. He let go any earthly things and soon left to find peace and enlightenment exhausting to stay away from the cycles of rebirths. He started practicing Yoga and adopted a life of radical asceticism. He soon gave up this way of thinking and focused on a middle path between the life of pampering and that of self-denial. After a while of great inner struggle, he began to wander to different places and preach and nonionic a community know as the sangha.The Buddha started the movement for all different peoples and denied that a persons spiritual worthy is a matter of birth. The Buddha left no written word.The Cannon for the Buddhist religion is known as the Tripitaka or three Baskets, because is has three books. These are the Sutra Pitaka which is a collection of discourses, the Vinaya Pitaka, which is the code of the monastic rules, and the Abhidharma Pitaka, which contains all different philosoph ical, psychological, and doctrinal discussions and different classifications.The Vinaya Pitaka has over 225 rules for the Buddhist monks and nuns, eachwhich has a story to explain. The Abhidharma Pitaka has seven different works, which involve detailed classifications of the psychological phenomena, metaphysical analysis, and a thesaurus of technical vocabulary.Hinduism also has a lot of writings but the most important of all is the Vedas. The oldest is the Rig-Veda, which was made in an ancient form of the Sanskrit language in northeast India. It consists of 1028 hymns to many of the gods.

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Sociology & Ireland Essay Example for Free

Sociology Ireland EssayIn Ireland, angiotensin converting enzymes assign in the social pattern hierarchy tremendously affects their aliveness chances. The probability of one being open to access opportunities that would increase their flavour of spirit is determined by their social status. The opportunities which ar required for one to improve their quality of life include food, healthcare, a good education shelter and clothing all in all told require one to be in a good financial positioning in order for them to be accessed.Ones quality of life however does non just mean having access to the mentioned societal resources, it likewise involves one having the ability to purchase and goods or procures them, having a stable income through employments where employment refers to one having a career of their choice that gives them satisfaction (Bilton et al, 2002). Good quality of life implies that one is able to satisfy all their needs and those of their families comfor tably. Other aspects of quality life are not being vulnerable to crime, being mentally and physically healthy and elimination chances of poverty in ones life.In Ireland and the world as a whole, life chances of individuals are basically affected by their position in the social class hierarchy. The social hierarchies can either be in terms of politics or wealth. Either mode the effect on one to build access to the mentioned opportunities that improve quality of life is the same. Individuals at the filch of these hierarchies prolong the capability of getting a good education and access to good healthcare services.This implies that they are able to remain healthy and pursue their careers as they have all the required resources at their deposit. Ireland is characterized by high levels of youth unemployment (Tovey Share, 2003). Individuals ranked high in the social hierarchy however have no problems with unemployment cases. This is attributed to the fact that they always have influe nce that is either political or financial. They use this influence to get jobs for themselves or for their f families in almost any field of profession they choose to.The high range of unemployment worldwide and especially in third world countries are sometimes due to lack of equal education, individuals ranked high in social class hierarchy however do not contract such problems as they have access and can afford all the education they would wish to have. Ireland is as well as characterized by cases of psychological di line among most of the essence and low class individuals as they find it leaden to get employment in spite of their education (Tovey Share, 2003).Employment in Ireland has been greatly politicised making it possible only for those who have influence to be able to get employment for themselves or family. The lack of enclose over employment by those ranked low in the social hierarchy has caused them to develop stress as they are not able to meet their needs. Th is has increased levels of poverty in the country amongst individuals occupying the middle and low positions of the social hierarchy.In Ireland, ones chance of life depend ion the connections they have with those ranked high in the social hierarchy, their family wealth, land or business, and if one is employed. In the event that one has none of the above thusly they have no chances of improving their quality of life. Ones position in the social hierarchy similarly affects chances of life globally. This is evident from the status of citizens in different countries. Countries that are wealthy are more developed and have their citizens leading better quality of life as they access to education, healthcare, shelter and food (Bilton et al., 2002). There also are more employment opportunities in these countries as compared to the poor ones. Third world countries which are not as wealthy as the developed countries however are characterized by their citizens living low quality of life. Ev idence is from the fact that individuals from these countries have no access to good education and healthcare. These countries are also characterized by cases of starvation, lack of employment opportunities, poor shelter and high rates of crime.The fact that they are low in the global social hierarchy does make it impossible for their citizens to improve their quality of life. It can therefore be concluded that ones position in the social hierarchy heavily determines their life chances as the probability of them accessing the opportunities that improve the quality of life if they is greatly affected by their social status. The higher their position in the hierarchy the easier it is to access the opportunities. Word count 750 References Bilton, T. et al (2002). Introductory Sociology, 4th edition. London Palgrave

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The Birlings and Gerald Essay Example for Free

The logrollings and Gerald EssayAn Inspector Calls is located in the made up urban center of Brumley in 1912 when business in Britain was doing well. The play concentrates on a wealthy industrial family called the Birlings who are prop a dinner troupe to celebrate the engagement of their daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft, the son of a wealthy businessman. The party is departure rather well until it is interrupted by a man claiming to be an Inspector who is analyze the suicide of a young working class women called Eva smith who later goes by the name of Daisy Renton. He questions all of the Birlings and Gerald Croft and then exits rather abruptly leaving the question of who is trusty for the death of this girl. The Birlings and Gerald find the Inspectors behaviour rather peculiar and begin to suspect he was non genuine. They investigate their theory and find that in that respect is no girl in mortuary who has committed suicide. This news delights Mr. and Mrs. Birling and t hey look back at the evening with laughter for them all beingness so naive to have been taken in by a man claiming to be an inspector.The celebrations are short lived though as the phone rings and they hark that a girl has just died on the way to the infirmary and a police inspector is overture round to question them. This ends the play and leaves the imagination of the audience to decide who is responsible for Eva Smiths suicide, if it is in fact Eva Smith who has just died. Mr. Birling is a successful factory owner, ex-Lord Mayor of Brumley and a local magistrate. He is cheat to the concerns of his workers, his own actions and the world outside of Britain.He is obsessed with himself and his search to make more money, he says that manufacturing is prospering and cant see why anyone would wont to interrupt it by starting a War. He does not take into account that other people might value different things more highly than money. The only thing he worries about when he finds that nighone has died is that whether he will loose the pass off of his knighthood and that a public scandal might occur. Mrs. Birling is very arrogant, judging people by their cordial position.She expects others below her social class to naturally respect her and never to question her opinion. She is generally unaware of what is going on around her and deliberately blind to what she does not wish to see. When she finds that Eva Smith committed suicide Mrs. Birling cannot see how it has anything to do with her as Eva is lower class. Mrs. Birling feels that the lower classs are totally different lineage of animal from her own class. Eric is the youngest of the group. He is a drunk, robber and a humiliation.In the eyes of his father he is a failure, as he will never make as much money as his father has done which is the only important thing to his father. Eric especially disagrees with his father over the reason for not giving workers more money. Mr. Birling points out that the reason why Eric thinks workers should average more than 22 and 6 a week is why he is not commanding the Birling empire. Eric finds his father distant and particularly heartless. Gerald is a businessman and a member of a family with higher social class than the Birlings.He is in many ways like Mr. Birling straight away trying to conceal his involvement with Eva. The variety is that Gerald unlike Mr. Birling feels remorse for what he has done. He is least to blame for Evas suicide as he genuinely made her happy for the time he knew her. Sheila is very suggestible she respects the Inspector and does what he asks. Sheila is honest and this helps her to realize what she has done to Eva. Her parents do not like her honesty and see her as being disloyal to them.Sheila sees the gruelling interview as a learning curve and even when she finds that Inspector Goole was not a real Inspector unlike the others she still cannot let go of the guilt, which she carries for being partly responsible for Evas death. Inspector Goole is a strong persuasive man. He can also be seen as some one sent from the future to try and convince people to change in front its to late. In the disk it shows us that the Inspector intimidates the person he is interviewing by looking hard at the person before speaking. This tactic works to the extent that no one dares to challenge him while he is in the room.

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Natural Selection Essay Example for Free

Natural Selection EssayNatural selection, according to Gulick, is the form through which heritable attributes that be well(p) or vital for survival and reproduction become a common thing in a population, whereas harmful characteristics become rare (p, 27). Natural selection occurs as a proceeds of successful reproduction by persons who have advantageous traits (Darwin p, 39). This results in adoption of beneficial traits by the subsequent generation.Over a number of generations, adaptations take place through successful combination of small, random alterations in traits, as well as natural selection of the changes best outfited for a particular environment. Genetic drift on the other hand results in production of random alterations in the number of characteristics in a population. Genetic drift occurs as a result of the role vie by chance in determining whether an individual will live on and reproduce (Starr, Taggart, and Starr p, 415). The greatest controversies of biolo gy are found in the unity and diversity of deportment.Naturalists have greatly employed Darwins interpretation of unity or organic forms in order to resolve this controversy. Darwin applied the concept of evolution to any living thing including human beings, and claimed that all individuals, who belong to the same species, reveal some sort of pas seul amongst them (Goodenough, Wallace, and McGuire p, 9). According to Darwin, individuals who have advantageous features, for both reproduction and survival, pass them down through hereditary inheritance from one generation to the other.Darwin teaches that variation, on which natural selection plays a role, is basically of small order and that indefinite variation in all directions as well as the progressive accumulation of a particular series of variations, all resulting in the production of a novel species, occurs as a result of natural selection (Gulick, 28). In his theory of natural selection, Darwin stated that only those org anisms that have the advantageous characteristics that suit a particular environmental condition are selected by nature.Natural selection, therefore, turns out to be a vital aspect in the evolution process (Darwin p, 45). Unity and diversity of life comprises of the dual facets of life on earth. Natural selection gives an account of the relatedness among organisms in a population by revelation that dissimilar animal species are related through descent from a common antecedent (Gulick p, 25). youthful animals, including man, are believed to have originated from a common simple ancestor.However, as a result of increased complexity, modern species erupt different from the ancestral species. Nevertheless, a remarkable evidence of unity of life is revealed by the similarities in the molecular(a) structure of species. Modern molecular studies reveal biochemical similarities between different species. Comparison of DNA sequences between human beings and apes reveal a close genetic simi larity. This reveals that these two species probably had a common ancestor (Starr, Taggart, and Starr p, 410).Natural selection also gives an account of the great diversity that is displayed by modern species. Organisms that have different traits that enable them to live in environmental niches not occupied by similar organisms, according to Starr, Taggart and Starr, get a greater chance of surviving (p, 410). Over generations, species which originated from a common ancestor have alter in addition to occupying more and more environmental niches in order to take advantage of unutilized resources.Modern species are a phase in the progression of evolution, and their diversity results in the development of a series of speciation as well as extinction. Diversity of life, according to Gulick, does not result in development of a completely new and unique organism, but rather in organisms that share certain morphological similarities (p, 27). undeveloped characteristics that have no spe cific role resemble functional ancestral characteristics, and as a result, organisms ass be categorized using these similarities into a ladder of connected groups.Work cited Darwin, Charles. Natural Selection The planetary Struggle for Existence, ISBN 1565430824 Lulu. com, 2008 Goodenough, Judith. Wallace, Robert. and McGuire, Betty. Human biology personal, environmental, and social concerns, ISBN 0030012813 Saunders College Pub. , 1998 Gulick, John. Evolution, Racial and Habitual, Controlled by Segregation, ISBN 1115895672 BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2009 Starr, Cecie. Taggart, Ralph. and Starr, Lisa. Biology the unity and diversity of life, tenth edn, ISBN 0534388000 Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2004

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Theory Nike Essay Example for Free

Theory Nike EssayMoreover , decentralization is a matter of degree, since solely organizations are de alter to some extent out of necessity. At one extreme, a strongly decentralized organization is one in which even the lowest-level managers and employees are empowered to make ends. At the some other extreme, in a strongly decentralized organization, lower-level managers have little freedom to make decisions. On the other hand, in a centralized organization, the decisions are made by top executives or on the basis of pre-set policies.These decisions or policies are then enforced through several tiers of the organization after gradually broadening the pas de deux of control until it reaches the bottom tier. Centralization is said to be a process where the concentration of decision reservation is in a few hands. All the important decision and actions at the lower level, all subjects and actions at the lower level are subject to the approval of top management. According to John R. Schermerhorn(2002) , Centralization is the authoritative and consistent reservation of authority at central points in the organization.The difference between a centralized and a decentralized system of organization is that in a centralized structure all the decision making and authority are focused on the top tier of management. These few people are the ones that dictate company policy and make all the crucial decisions. A decentralized system, on the other hand, delegates authority throughout the organization and to all levels of management. Advantages of centralization include an organizations ability to be able to keep a tight grip on all aspects of the business.

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Christian Values and Americas Historical Documents Essay Example for Free

Christian determine and Americas Historical Documents EssayWhile soci all toldy networking, a person forget run into galore(postnominal) different opinions on all topics. People produce their own beliefs and ways of smell at things, so when I was expounding on my ideas, the inevit adapted topic of religion was brought up. As untold as the Golden Rule flows through most religions, there argon people who are non able to put their ego aside and open their minds to the simplest possibilities. The specifics of this topic were of such that the unite States was founded on Christianity. piety and politics are highly volatile topics and most people will only argue emotionally instead of stopping and critically thinking about any information they may be accustomed on these two subjects. Many people believe that the Constitution and the contract of license were founded on Christian values, simply in closer examination, they both fuddle vague wording and atheist beliefs.Coun terargumentsThere are some(prenominal) reasons that people believe that the historic documents of the United States were indite with Christian values in mind. iodin reason is, in the 19th Century, a movement started which believed that the settlers were direct here by the hand of theology (Allison, 1998). This was a popular belief and many people still hold true to this belief. It is taught in general schools that the colonists came over from England because of religious persecution. Another argument for this way of thinking is that, because of the belief that idol showed the settlers where to go, that He as well must have had led the Founding Fathers to write the firmness of purpose of Independence and the Constitution of the United States (Allison, 1998). This trio to the belief that divinity fudge is needed to preserve not only religious institutions, but in like manner democracy. serviceman rights are seen to be break downn by God, which, in a nation that was intole rant of non-Christians, meant the Judeo-Christian God (Cherry, MD, 2011). Our Founding Fathers separated Church and extract, but not God and state. Church and state and God and state are sometimes seen asthe same idea, which can be confusing, n wholenesstheless to a Christian. In admission to this, many believe that this coun chastise was founded with Christian values because of a statement that was made in capital of Wisconsins Federalist Paper Number 37 where it states, that only, a finger of that Almighty hand could have shown him the sagacity to write the Constitution (Ferguson, 1987).United States ConstitutionThe United States Constitution was written in such a way as to be useally vague and without Christian values, but Deist values instead. The perfect Convention had many problems in coming up with this historic document. Every man that attended this regulation had their own ideas and ways to convey what they believed needed to be included in this document.Vague Wordi ngBen Franklins ambiguous wording in the Declaration of Independence led Madison to exaggerate the wording even further in the Constitution. The intentionally ambiguous wording that Madison use in the Constitution was used to bring conformity within a divided country, (Ferguson, 1987, p. 159). In the 14th Amendment it states, Any person, but when this document was written African-Americans were not considered people, so Jim Crow Laws were kept in place in many areas of the country. In the convention meetings leading up to what the Founding Fathers wrote to become the Constitution, compromises were made. In the second amendment, it states that people have a right to keep and bare arms. What makes this vague is that most of us take this to mean any, and all people, but what the Constitutional Framers meant was to indicate those that were in the militias. So, those people that were in the militias could keep and bare arms, not more(prenominal)over any one(a) could.Deist BeliefsThe Co nstitution forms a secular document and is in no way related to God (Walker, 2004). God was not forgotten in the writing of the Constitution. This omission was purposely done to keep the judicature and religion separate from each other. The Constitutions preamble starts out We the people, and clearly states the intention of the men who framed the Constitution, including establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility,provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and stop the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. Nowhere in the Constitution is the word God, so there would be no mistake as to the thoughts of Madison.The First Amendment to the Constitution even states that, Congress shall make no law respecting an brass instrument of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof, which means that the government is not supposed to support any one religion or to stop any single(a) from practicing their religion or lack thereof. Religionists and atheists a re able to equally practice their belief system because of this. This alone is a contradiction to the First Commandment, which demands fealty to a specific god (Trent, 2012). The Constitutions confusion stems from the ambiguous wording of the Declaration of Independence.Declaration of IndependenceThe Declaration of Independences wording and belief system is not only vague, but also Deist. This historic document did not take sides and was intentionally meant in an unbiased way. This can be shown in several different ways.Vague WordingAmbiguity in the wording of this document by Ben Franklin tends to give many the misunderstanding by using phrases such as, Natures God and their Creator, which leads people who are Christian, by default, to the thought that this is a Christian-based document. Wording such as this is intentionally vague, because it comes from the belief in a higher power whatever that may be to each individual as opposed to purely Christian beliefs. The intentionally va gue wording, such as, unalienable rights and laws of nature, transcends the political, and even the religious, arguments of from where these rights came from and by whom they were given.One of the words in the introduction is necessary and when this document was written, this word had a much more significant meaning than we have today for it. Back then, it meant that it was something that was made in association with fate and was beyond control of human agents. An vitrine of this meaning is the Revolutionary War was going to happen and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The variant of the people between England and the settlers could not have been repaired by anyone or anything.Deist Belief SystemAs it is stated in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Deism is a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, express morality, and in the 18th Century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe. The Founding Fathers, such as Ben Franklin, T homas Jefferson, and several others, were only strictly Christian in appearance, but Christian-Deist in belief. These men followed the works of philosophers, such as Descartes and Voltaire. This led these men to question Christian beliefs. Believing in what the classic philosophers wrote, had the Founding Fathers put the shield of reason to every idea and assumption. When they put this test to religion, they found they needed to strip away revelation, which led to Deism (Johnson, 2004). The Founding Fathers were very closed-mouth about their personal religion, but encouraged religious tolerance and a belief in God. When writing the Declaration of Independence, they were in reality writing the reason of their actions to the rest of the ball for why they did what they did. In short, it was a foreign policy document.The second and most famous paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that the Founding Fathers believed that it was self-evident that all men are created equal. The Creator, as is believed by any one person, granted all men with certain rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which is given by the universes natural laws. This one belief shows that at least some of the Founding Fathers were Deists, as this is a Deist belief. The Declaration of Independence is interpreted many different ways to fit neatly into everyones individual belief system, when it should just be read the way it is, and not try to make more of it than it is. The Declaration of Independence is a statement of why everyone deserves liberty and freedom.ConclusionThe Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were written without Christian values because when the settlers came to America they were trying to get away from a government that was state them what to do and how to believe without the voice of the people reaching those in power. If the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written with Christian values, the Foundin g Fathers would not have put inthe segments about religious freedom into these documents. I believe that if Christian values were used to write the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, that religious freedom would not have been a part of these historic documents.Everyone has their own way at which they look at and comprehend things, and they will make things fit into their belief system to make it easier for them to understand. Sometimes, this is not necessarily the way that things in history were meant to be interpreted, such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We are taught this in school through text books, at home with taught beliefs, and political affiliations see this topic differently, but if we break out of the mold, and try to think for ourselves, we can learn and enjoy from the simple beauty in which these documents were written. With an open mind, we are more apt to realize the original intent of historical events and documents.Reference sAllison, J. (1998). Declaration of Independence Its Purpose. Retrieved from http//candst.tripod.com/doipurp.htm Cherry, MD, R. R. (2011). American Judeo-Christian Values and the Declaration of Independence. Retrieved from http//www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.9876/pub-detail.asp Ferguson, R. A. (1987). Ideology and the Framing of the Constitution. Early American Literature, 22(1987), 157-165. Formisano, R. P., Pickering, S. (2009). The Christian Nation Debate and Witness Competency. ledger of the Early Republic, 29(Summer), 219-248. Johnson, R. L. (2004). The Deist Roots of the United States of America. Retrieved from http//www.deism.com/deistamerica.htm Rubicondior, R. (2012). Founded on Christian Principles? Retrieved from http//rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/2012/04/founded-on-christian-principles.html Trent, B. (2012). First Amendment or First Commandment. Up Front, May-June (N/A), 10-11, 37. Walker, J. (2004). The Government of the United States of American is no t, in any sense founded on the Christian religion. Retrieved from http//www.nobeliefs.com/Tripoli.htm

Business Ethics and Starbucks Essay Example for Free

dividing line Ethics and Starbucks Essay1. Starbucks demonstrates a new focus on business ethics and social debt instrument by providing health c be benefits to their employees, giving to the welfare of the needy, and also by packaging their goods in recycle materials along with any other practices that are beneficial to the company. Starbucks has also demonstrated by improving their dealing with their customers as well as their suppliers. Although this may not bring in additional revenues, the ethical businesses are better recognized and there durability is greater. As long as Starbucks can continue to authorise trust in the customers, it will allow them to have a strong bond with them also.2. I looking that Starbucks has been refer with social responsibility in its overall corporate strategy because for one reason it is a popular business and it helps the image of the company to care about the community and the environment. Other reasons Starbucks were so concerned was be cause of the negative impact on the company. Starbucks has always been engaged in responsible business practice since they outset started their operation and they have always spent a lot of time defending their image as well. Several small coffee shops were put out of business due to the clustering strategy.Starbucks decided to refocus their strategy after the 2009-2009 recession. Several locations were closed because of the lack of performance due to the economic depression. Because of Starbucks dedication to their employees and suppliers, they were fit to earn their loyalty. as yet Starbucks were also concerned with social responsibility because it affected all parties involved. The company did get social responsibility by taking steps to follow certain guidelines and being involved in the community, which is very important to the company since ethical companies tend to do better in the long run.3. I think Starbucks has both grown rapidly and mainly because it does provide pr oducts and an environment that customers want. Most people bustt know anything about the ethical and social responsibility that Starbucks engage in unless they research their websites. I feel that Starbucks success was due to its strong brand image that had been built over the years. Consumers purchased these products from Starbucks because of the good taste. However people were concerned about being ethical and social responsible when running a business, peculiarly when consumers wanted to enjoy what they were consuming without having to worry about how the products are labored.This company also grew large due to several charity campaigns such as the partnership between Starbucks and the project Red to raise silver for different events. By being a large buyer of Fair Trade certified coffee, in spite of the high cost, they continued to grow as the purpose of fair trades that promotes a better running(a) condition and greater incentives for the mmanufacturers. Starbucks does not only offer quality coffee to its customers, they also have a great atmosphere of the coffee shop. They have given back to the community and earned their trust as well as respect from their customers.

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Methods Used to Study the Brain Essay Example for Free

Methods Used to theatre of operations the Brain EssayA variety of procedures argon used by psychologists to domain the functions of different areas of the learning ability. some(prenominal) of them are very old methods and outdated some of them are most recent in root system and frequently used by modern investigators. The methods help us to rent the localization of the functional areas of the brain. star of these methods is the stimulation method. A specific part of the brain may be stimulated either by electric current or by chemicals. Through electrical stimulation, we can only stimulate the desired part of the brain. But by chemical methods, we can stimulate or defunct a especial(a) part of the brain for a fixed period of time and observe their effects on behavior.another(prenominal) method is the Electrical Recording or Action Potential Method.The rhythmical electrical discharges of the brain are recorded by an instrument called electroencephalogram (EEG). The EEG can detect minute electrical activities of the brain cells during sleep, arousal and activity. The brain parts having greatest electrical activity can be linked with behaviors and sensations of the body. This testament tell how the body surfaces are represented in the brain.The Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) is a newer method in which thousands of separate X-rays are taken at slightly different angles, and the computer constructs an image of the structures of the brain by combining these X-rays. It is very useful for showing abnormalities in the structure of the brain such as increase and enlargement of certain parts. But it does not provide information about brain activity.Another method is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). It produces a strong magnetic field in which the persons head is positioned. The piano tuner waves directed at the brain cause the hydrogen atoms to emit signals, which are analyzed by a computer. The details of the MRI are superior to CAT scan, because it can distinguish between closely relate brain structures.Due to its importance, you might think the brain would be a little more extrospective about its design and function. Fortunately, the human brain alsoprovides us with the remarkable ability and ingenuity to study the human brain, a skill in which brains of other life forms decidedly come up short. The study of the brain has yielded remarkable findings, and advances in brain research have created a better understanding of the path we function and life itself.