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Abortion rights supporting Pro-Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Abortion rights supporting Pro-Life - Essay Example The opponents of abortion point out that aborting the foetus is equivalent to murder since life starts at conception and foetus can feel pain (Beckwith 45). One would argue that no civilised society that allows intentional harming others and taking human life without punishment. Pro-life arguments assert that abortions are unsafe and lead to medical complications that increase the chances of pelvic inflammatory diseases and miscarriages (Kaczor 76). However, pro-choice arguments assert that pro-life arguments are based on religious beliefs that vary depending on the cultural values of the society and modern medical abortion procedures are safe for the mother (Lee 56). The proponents of abortion assert that abortion is effective in birth and population control since mothers do not have sufficient resources to take care of unwanted children. According anti-pro-life arguments assert abortion is essential in cases of rape since it minimises the psychological trauma and stress that is ass ociated with unwanted pregnancies (Singer 34). This paper will critically discuss the pro-life arguments of abortion and demonstrate why abortion should be banned in the society. Abortion should be abolished since human life is sacred and aborting amounts to killing innocent unborn babies. The unborn baby has same rights as the mother who should be protect the right to life since life begins at conception (Lee 88). In this case, no civilised society allows for murder or intentional harm without any punishment and abortion should be treated the same. Abortion should not be used as a contraceptive or population control method since there are millions of childless couples willing to adopt unwanted children in the society (Beckwith 87). Reinman asserts that abortion is associated with severe medical complications that endanger the life of the mother (p 56). According to available medical statistics and expert opinions, women who abort have a higher likelihood of developing pelvic inflam matory disease and may experience miscarriages in the future (Beckwith 121). In this case, about 15 percent of the first-trimester miscarriages are related to prior abortion experiences. It is evident that abortion endangers the health of the mother by increasing the risks of reproductive diseases, cancer, ectopic pregnancies and infertility thus women should not undertake a process that can permanently damage their body. Physicians and gynecologists have a professional responsibility of safeguarding the dignity of life in their practice and observing the ethical guidelines that prohibit abortions and inducing the patient to undertake medical procedures that may lead to death. In this case, doctors must be on the forefront in discouraging abortions and encouraging other scientifically accepted and safe birth control methods. Abortion only provides an opportunity for medical personnel to make money as most of the abortion cases are not documented in the health facilities. In this cas e, abortion is not helpful the affected women and taxpayers’ money should not be wasted in setting up abortion clinics in the health facilities. Abortion eliminates the potential future societal contributions of the unborn baby thus reducing the economic, social and political benefits to the society (Kaczor 63). The society would be worse if national heroes such as scientists, presidents, entrepreneurs and other people who have made great changes to their communities and entire country were aborted (Lee 98). In this case, abortion must be abolished since the society has the duty to grant the unborn babies a chance to serve the community and make a difference on the

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Analyzation paper on the Novel the bluest eye by Toni Morrison Essay

Analyzation paper on the Novel the bluest eye by Toni Morrison - Essay Example At the beginning of the story she is ruled by two desires. The first one is to understand love and to know how makes people love her. And the second is considered not to observe parent’s quarrels that make her feels horrible. She has been interested in the feeling of love, and her life experience gives her an opportunity to face with the special and even strange manifestation of love. The matter is that Pecola has been raped by her father Cholly Breedlove. This man has problems with the alcohol that may be predetermined by his hard childhood. He loves his daughter and reflects this love in a brutal and violent form. The feelings, that he is experienced in the moment of raping Pecola, may be described as love and hatred. His character has been cruel and alcohol helps him to become mad. Still, that is considered to be the only form of love that Pecola knows in her life, and as it is suggested in the novel â€Å"wicked people love wickedly, violent people love violently, weak people love weakly, stupid people love stupidly, but the love of a free man is never save† (Morrison, 163). Her father’s freedom in love is considered to be dangerous and it reflects on a daughter. Pecola is represented as fragile and delicate child through the entire story. Her life is suffering with no positive implications in reality. She is in need to endure the boys who tortured her after school, the classmates who ridicule her, or Mr. Yacobowski who rejects to touch her hand. Pecola is a true victim of the entire society in general and of her own views in particular. The matter is that this girl is considered to be sure in her ugliness and uselessness in this world. Her black skin is interpreted by her as a huge drawback in her life and in all the society. Black means ugly for Pecola and nothing can change her vision. Her dream is represented as a desire to have blue eyes and white skin. Pecola has an imaginary illusion